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I am a 41 year old male. Ive been married for 18 years and other than my wife I have only had sex with 2 other women. The first was my high school sweetheart and while we had sex often in high school we were not very good at it. I met my wife when I was a sophomore in college and once we started dating I never had sex with another woman again. In between my high school sweetheart and my wife there was a one night stand with a girl I never saw again.

My wife and I have an average sex life, I suppose. We probably average having sex once a week. More like once every 10 days, I would guess. Sex with her is always good but its never been mind blowing. We tend to do the same things the same way every time. I have always wanted more sexual adventure in my life but for some reason I have never been able to communicate that to my wife. We dont really talk about sex. She is not the type to want to discuss it much and when I try I usually end up hurting her feelings and makin...
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