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Maya Trang at FHM Erotica

Submitted by webmaster on August 2, 2011 (8 years ago)
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Maya Trang

Photography: Jay Tablante

Interview: B. A. Borleo

Source: FHM Erotica

Do you have a favored routine when it comes to romping?

Actually, it's a turn-n for me kapag ako yung gumagawa ng first move. In a way kasi I like na dino-dominate ko yung guy, something like that. And if I like the guy, I'm willing to romance him hanggang gusto niya at kaya ko.

Even for 24 solid hours?

Yeah, ayos lang! Again it comes down to how much I like him.

Well, how long does it exactly take for you to like a guy?

Syempre I have to get to know him muna, we have to know each other first. After that... y

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