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Ladies' Confessions Series: Unfaithful Wife

Submitted by ladiesconfessions via FSS on Sunday, 4 May 2014, 05:18 AM
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A misdemeanor that started before I got married, followed by an unexpected incident in the car, has become a secret affair. A guy, who used to be my ex, who used to be one of my husband's groomsman, became my fuck buddy. This is another story of my sinful married life. A risky move which I took, letting my body control me, not thinking the consequences, hence, let the temptation and pleasure fed on my good side.

Just a quick catch-up after the car incident though. Mike and I became text buddies. Mostly talked about the night that we had. We also had some intimate phone calls, that led to playing with myself. That was how I felt for him that time. The itchiness that he gave me was baffling. I felt bad for my husband though, because I didn't feel the same way with him. Fortunately for me, he doesn't check my phone, ever, left me with a free secret continuing communication with Mike. I was hoping that he will never find out.

Monday, and it was a typical busy day in the office. People were occupied, including myself, because of the workload the was left before the weekend started. Passed 9 in the morning when I received a text message from Mike.

Mike: Hey, sexy. Good morning! How are you?
Me: Hi! Dito nako sa office. Been busy for a while. Ikaw? Good morning, btw.
Mike: Ah, okay. I'm just here near the area. May kakausapin lang akong tao then probably drop by at your office?
Me: Huh?! What?! Gago ka ba, baka may makakita satin! DON'T!
Mike: Haha! So what?! Hindi naman nila ako kilala eh, diba? What are you afraid of?
Me: Siraulo! Hindi pwede noh?! Ano naman gagawin mo dito?!
Mike: Wala lang. Just wanted to see you again. Masama ba?!
Me: Shit, Mike! Don't try it this time!
Mike: I'll see you later. Bye!
Me: UGH!!!

What is this guy up to this time? Better not be doing a crazy thing, not now. But...

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Ladies' Confessions Series: Turning Point

Submitted by ladiesconfessions via FSS on Saturday, 3 May 2014, 03:27 PM
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It has been 2 and a half years since I married the love of my life. Also the same time when my ex and I had an intimate affair, moments before I stepped into the Church to take my vows. I won't forget that day, a guilty pleasure, couldn't-resist-temptation kind of thing. A lot has changed though. My relationship with my hubby went strong through the year. I bore a beautiful girl, which became our symbol of love and affection to each other. We were able to bought our own house, thanks to my husband's hard work and dedication. I was also promoted in the managerial position, at a private company in Makati. We were having a normal, peaceful and prosperous year until that one single day, one single mishap, one turning point of my life, that changed everything.

Payday Friday, it was. On my home to QC, from Makati, traffic was horrible in C5. Rush hour, around 8 in the evening. Been stuck there for ages! My phone suddenly rang, and it was my husband.

“Hi, Hun!”, as I answered his call.

“Hey, Hun! San ka na?”, he asked.

“Nandito pa din sa C5. Grabe! Ang traffic, sobra!”, in my tiredly voice.

“Ah talaga? Sana nagpagabi ka na lang muna sa offce.”, he said.

“Eh, hindi ko na naisip kasi wala naman din akong gagawin doon.”

“Hm, okay. Anyway, I'll be going out with Chris and JJ later. Konting drinks lang, kasi nagkayayaan, celebrate daw namin yung finsihed project that we did recently. Ok lang ba?”, he begged.

“Kayo lang ba talaga? Hm?”, I asked intriguingly.

“Well, to be honest, kasama din namin yung mga taga Sales department. Most of them are guys naman, so don't worry, hehe.”, he joked.

“Are you sure?! Baka mamaya may ka-table ka? Haha!”, joked to him as well.

“Meron, si Chris! Haha! Seriously Hun, I won't do any crazy things, without you around.”, he told me.

“Ok, ok. I trust your friends naman eh. I will...

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Submitted by romanza via FSS on Friday, 2 May 2014, 04:25 AM
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Si fely ang girlfriend ko 5.

Ang karugtong

Hindi ako makapaniwala sa nangyari ng biglang pumasok si Ador habang niyayari ko ang ex ko. Bigla ang pangyayari at sa nakikita kong paglamas ni Ador sa suso ni Fely habang nakaupo siya sa titi ko ay nakaramdam ako ng sobrang libog at sarap. Ramdam na ramdam ko ang pag giling ni Fely sa titi ko habang palitang sinisipsip ni Ador ang labi at suso niya. may palagay akong naging malapit sila sa isat isa ng mag karoon na ako ng ibang girlfriend at iwanan ko si Fely.

Malakas na ang ungol ni Fely sa ginagawang paglamas at pagsuso ni Ador.  Parang hayok silang dalawa sa kanilang ginagawa. “DIYOS KO PO”  ang nadinig ko kay Fely ng biglang bumilis ang pagbaba at taas ng puki niya sa titi ko.  Damang dama ko ang pagtama ng titi ko sa matris niya  sa madiin niyang pag giling habang  mahigpit niyang hawak ang ulo ni Ador na patuloy lang sa paglalaro ng isa niyang utong at paglamas sa isa.  “ANO BA ITOOOOOO? ANG SARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP? Ang sabi ni Fely habang nilalalabasan. Kita ko ang pag mamadali ni Ador ng mag hubad ito ng pantalon kasabay ng brief at iduldol ito sa bibig ni Fely na mabilis namang isinubo. Hindi ko na natagalan ang sobrang sarap na nararamdaman ko at sa napanuod ko. Hawak ko ang maganda at makinis na balakang ni Fely ay kusa na rin akong umindayog sa pag kantot sa kanya. Mabilis at madiin. Naramdaman kong sumabay si Fely sa pag baba at taas habang patuloy lang ang pag ungol at pagdaing niya. hindi na ako nakatiis “AAAAAAYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAN NA KOOOOOOO”  Ang daming tamod ang pakiramdam kong sumabog sa loob ng puki ni Fely ng nilabasan ako. Kasabay ng paglalabas ng tamod ko sa puki ni Fely ay ang malakas na pag ungol ni Ador tanda ng pag sabog ng tamod niya sa bibig ni Fely. Hawak niya ang ulo ni Fely habang patuloy niyang kinakantot ang bibig nito. Paghanga at libog ang naramdaman ko ng makita kong sinasalubong ni Fely ang bawat pag pasok at labas ng titi ni Ador. Hawak ng...

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Ladies' Confessions Series: The Groomsman

Submitted by ladiesconfessions via FSS on Thursday, 1 May 2014, 09:49 AM
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“Ok, Kristine, tingin lang sa bintana.”, the photographer said as I posed for the camera.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon, Sunday, month of June. The weather was an overcast, mostly cloudy but it wasn't raining. I can view the Makati skyline from the window. I can hear the voices of my friends and relatives from the other room. It was filled with excitement and a bit of chaos as they prepare themselves. It was a special day for me. It was my wedding day.

“Good shot! Pakitaas lang po ng flower ng konti and look to the camera.”, he instructed.

The bouquet was perfect! The flowers were arranged beautifully, mixed colors and vanilla-flavored scented. It was so lovely!

“Carla, pakiaayos naman yung gown ni Ms. Kristine.”, the photographer said to his assistant.

She repositioned the veil and spread the long skirt & train of my wedding gown. It was an A-line type gown, the design was simple but it's very elegant. The fabric used for it was very comforting, making it expensive. The strapless neckline cut was perfect for my thin arms and shoulders. The tight bodice made it fitting for my 34b chest, flaunting my cleavage. Thanks to my closest friends, they were my advisers in choosing the excellent gown that best fits my body contour.

“Paul, paki gawi nga sa kanan yung lighting. Thanks! Ok, set po, Ms. Kristine. Tingin lang sa camera.”, as I continued to smile.

I was having mixed emotions. Happy and grateful that I was going to marry the love of my life. Sad and tearful because I was going to start a new chapter of my book and leave my parents behind. Nonetheless, I didn't regret any decision I've made up to that point until something happened just moments before I walked to the altar.

Tok! Tok! Someone knocked on the door. The photographer's assistant opened it immediately.

“Hiiiii!”, my girl cousins yelled...

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Ladies' Confessions Series: Lonely Night

Submitted by ladiesconfessions via FSS on Tuesday, 29 April 2014, 09:47 AM
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Sab is the name, short for Sabrina. 28, single (at the moment), living independently. Folks are in Cebu, moved to Manila to work. Currently, I'm an HR manager for a BPO company in Makati. Earning just enough to feed my stomach and pay my bills. Worked my ass off to buy a condo unit, a car and a really expensive pet dog, to accompany me at home. I'm pure Filipina, morena, 5'7” in height, weighs just about 47 kilos. Curly, chest-long black hair. Thin brows contemplating my prominent eyes. Sharp lips, pointy nose. Numbers are 33C-24-34. Partying, shopping, beach bumming are just a few of my likes. One extreme fact about me is that I do mountain climbing, just indoors though. Well, you heard the good side. How about the bad?

I'm an adventurous person, I mean, in a devilish way. When nature calls, I'd love to have sex everywhere I can, whoever I wanted to have sex with. Back in college days, my friends often call me “Sabrina the teenage bitch”, because of the dirty deeds I've done. That's just who I am. Couldn't care less on everyone's opinion or whatever everybody's saying about me, I'll do anything I want, with no limitations. I've been in and out of relationships because I can't be contended with only one man, pleasuring my body, until I grow older. Like to try different food in the menu, just like men. My virginity ended when I was 14. Since then, can't stop longing for it. Yes, I masturbate. Yes, I have sex toys to play with. Yes, you can call me a nympho. But no, I'm not a whore, just a bitch, there's a difference, Google it.

So, to begin my story, this actually happened a couple of years back. I was dating this guy, an ex-officemate of mine, he's 2 years younger than me. A young stud, typical guy next door with added spice, of course. He expressed his interest in me a couple of weeks before we started going out. He said that he's attracted, hope he could get to know me better, blah blah blah. But in real talk, I know he just wanted to g...

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