What A Time

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I have been sexually active since I was 14. Actually I never had intercourse until I was 19, but at 14 I was initiated in the art of oral sex. In other words, I gave my first blowjob at that age.

Sucking cock was and has always been my passion when I'm with a guy. Just the feeling of a big hard throbbing cock in my mouth can actually make me orgasm. The longer the cock and the more cum that shoots out and down my throat the more intense of an orgasm I have.

Anyway, at 14 I gave my first one and taste cum for the first time with a friend of the family. He was 25 and separated from his wife at the time. I had caught him masterbating on the living room sofa where was spending a few nights.

For about 6 months I must have sucked him off at least 3 times a week. I never wanted anything in return sexually from him. Only the sucking him off and getting his hot sticky sweet/sour sperm down my throat. Wow just the taste and the thought of it got me high.

So over the next 5 years of my life I had lost count of how many cocks I had sucked, but I would have to say that I needed a steady diet of cock. Sometimes one a week and sometimes a couple a day. Depending on the mood.

I met my now husband when I turned 19. He loved my oral love making and let me have it anytime I wanted it. After we had dated for 5 or so months we ran off and got married.

Now I had told him of all my lifes adventures in sex. But, he didn't seem to mind.

"I think watching a woman make love to a hard cock is beautiful." He told me when he realized just how much I loved sucking cock.

"The only thing is, if you go out looking for someone elses cock to suck then you have to let me know and you have to bring him home with you so I can meet him. Is that a deal?" He asked as he pulled his 8" love snake from his pants for me to suck.

"Yes, it's a deal." I told him as the tip of his cock touched my lips. In seconds I had him to the base and he was shooting a huge load of wonderful cum in my mouth.

2 days later I told him of a couple guys at work that were making passes at me.

"Ok, so what do you want to do?" He asked me as he fondled my breast.

"I dont' want to fuck them. My pussy belongs only to you. But, I do have the desire to suck their cocks." I told him as he pulled my skirt up and began licking my clit.

Looking down at him I noticed a smile on his face as he knew he was bringing me close to orgasm. He stopped lick me and looked up.

"Bring them home tomorrow evening then." He said and went back to licking and sucking my clit.

I came instantly. A deep body shuttering orgasm.

After he was done with me I pulled him up onto me and took his cock into my mouth. He pulled it out just as he began to cum and aimed it at my opened mouth and shot all his load there.

"Yummy. You have the best cum I've ever tasted." I told him as I sucked the last drops out of his dick.

The night went by like most night with us. We fucked a couple times and I got every load the way I wanted it. My mind was busy thinking of how I was going to get them to come home with me. They were married and so was I. But, I know men. If there is a free blowjob involved then they don't seem to think very straight.

I did some flirting at the office the next day. Well, I do everyday, but this time is was more serious. Jody and Larry were the 2 guys that I wanted to get home with me.

Around lunch time they asked what I was doing for lunch.

"I'm eating here, but I sure do what I'd like to have for dinner." I told them both as they stood in front of me. All the while looking at there crotch area for some sign of life. And there was life there.

"Dang, girl. What times dinner?" He asked as he tried to hide his growing erection.

"6pm." I told him as I slowly licked my lips.

"Where's dinner at?" Larry asked as he too tried hiding his even larger erection.

"My house." I told them as I got up and walked between them. As I passed them I reached out with both hands and patted them both on their cocks as I walked by.

Their chins must have fell a good foot. Neither of them knew what to do or say, except stand there and be stunned.

The day went on and neither of them talked to me or even looked my way the rest of the day. I was thinking that they both were just all talk and no action. As I punched out for the evening at 5pm they met me at the elevator.

The 3 of us road down 4 flights to the parking garage.

"So why do we have to wait till we get to your place?" Larry asked as he almost seemed to reach for my arm.

"Well, because my husband wants to meet the guys I'm going to be sucking off before I do it." I told them, got into my car and drove away. Leaving them standing there in the gargage like they had been standing in the office earlier.

It was 5:30pm when I got home. My husband met me at the door.

"Hi." he said. "Are your guest coming over this evening?" He wondered.

"I don't know. If they don't then it's their loss." I said chuckling as we embraced in a long passionate kiss in the doorway.

Running upstairs as fast as I could to shower and get into something more reveiling for my guest, just in case they did decide to show. If not then my hubby was going to be a very happy man by nights end.

My shower didn't last as long as normal but I was after all in a hurry. Had to make myself up and put on some sexy outfit. After throwing clothes everywhere, I couldn't find anything to wear that I wanted. So I pulled my short terrycloth robe from the hanger and put it on. When I started down the stairs I could hear my husband having a conversation with someone. When I entered the living room there he was sitting on the couch with Larry and Jody.

Wow. What a sight. My husband sitting there with the 2 guys from work that I was soon to be sucking dry. Well, I was hoping for at least that much.

When I stopped in the doorway they all stood up with mouths open and eyes almost bugging out of their heads. I motioned for them to sit down and I took a seat on the love seat directly across from them.

My little robe didn't cover very much. But I could tell from the smile of my husband that I had picked the right thing to put on, or take off whichever the case.

Sitting back on the love seat my robe came up to just above the little trail of hair that I had left at the top of my very wet pussy. During my drive home and during the shower my mind was wondering of other things that could be done while the 3 of them were at my command, so to speak.

I pulled my legs up and put my heels on the edge of the love seat. Reached down with one hand and slightly spread my pussy lips to show the guys just how wet I was. My clit must have been swollen to 3 times the normal size. I could feel the heat from it.

My right index finger began to make little circles around my clit and I noticed as look of curiousity on my husbands face.

I gave him a little wink and the look vanished.

Our guest were sitting there, legs crossed, obviously hiding the raging hardons in there pants.

Without a word my husband, being the straight forward take charge kind of a guy he is, got up and walked across the room. Got down on his knees and began licking and sucking my very swollen clit.

I reached down and pulled him up to me. Gave him a kiss and then.......

"After I suck you all off, I want you all to fuck me anyway you want." I told him and pushed him back down to my soaked pussy.

I locked over at my 2 guest and motioned for them to show me there love sticks.

Larry was the first to respond. he stood and walked over to the love seat and slowly unzipped his pant. Took his time in pulling away the buckle on his belt and then unsnapped his pants.

In one motion he dropped his pants to his ankles. There before me was a nice looking bulge. he was wearing boxer briefs.

"Very funny. Let me see that thing you've been wanting me to look at for months." I told him as my first of soon to be many orgasms hit. My husbands face was a glazed over mess from the amount of pussy juice that was flowing from me.

Larry pulled down his brief and out sprung the biggest fattest cock I had seen since high school. It must have been 10" and as big as my wrist. All I could do was lick my lips.

Reaching out with one hand I began to fondle his balls. I kept the other on husbands head.

I looked over to Jody. He did the same. Jody was a little more shy about the whole thing, but with just a little lick at the tip of Larry monster cock hequickly pulled all his clothes off.

Jodies cock wasn't as big as Larrys, but was between my husbands size and larrys. Now I was going to have 3 nice cocks for the evening.

I noticed that Jody had the biggest set of balls of them all. This made me wonder if his load was going to be bigger. I sure hoped so.

Once Jody had joined us at the love seat I pushed my husband back away from my pussy. After 3 quick orgasms I need a little break down there. It sure was very sensitive for some reason.

I pulled the 3 of them hip to hip and aimed their cocks straight at my face. The heat was almost too hot to handle. I leaned forward and too my husbands cock into my mouth first. Sucking all the way until his balls hit my chin. After all, it was only fair that he got my mouth first.

I let his cock slip from my lips and leaned slightly to my left and took Jodys cock. I instantly loved the taste, size and shape of his. Then next was larry. I didn't know if I could take it all in, but the self challenge was on. i leaned into it, opened as wide as I could. sucked in a deep breath and pulled his ass forward until I felt the huge head of his cock against my throat. Pulling harder I managed to get almost all of it. There was only one finger between my lips and his stomach when I pulled back.

I know right then that the 3 of them were all mine and I was going to have a great time.

"Jody does your wife suck you like that?" I asked as I leaned back into him and took him to the hilt.

"No way." He moaned a response.

"How about you Larry?" I asked as I went from Jodys right to his and took him all the way down. I thought my throat was going to split but I had to do it at least once.

"OMG." He groaned. That was enough answer for me.

My husband stood there stroking his big dick and I could see the pre-cum oozing out the pee slit. I leaned over and licked it clean and then sucked him to the bottom. I pulled away from them.

"Let me know when you're going to cum." I told them and then went back sucking each of them for a few seconds each.

My husband was the first to let me know. As soon as he told me he was about to blow his load, I dropped the cock in my mouth and went right to work on him. About 5 good sucks later he unleashed the biggest load of creamy cum into my mouth that he had ever shot. I almost couldnt take it all, but I managed to swallow every drop. I looked up at him and he had the biggest grin on his face. I almost lost it in laughter, but I kept sucking him until he was completely finished.

I went back to Larry and then Jody. This went on for a few minutes. I kept looking at my husband sitting on the love seat next to me. He was smiling and I know he was happy with what was going on so far.

Larry said he was getting close. So I let Jody go and began to concentrate on Larrys mamoth cock. It took about 5 minutes of constant sucking and massaging of his balls before I felt him begin to swell in my mouth. His cock must have grown another inch. He grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth. I really enjoy this. After about 4 times he began shooting his load. It wasn't as big as my husbands but was just as tasty. I swallowed it all. It tasted different than my husbands but I liked it.

I had never sucked 2 cocks that tasted the same. The difference between the 2 loads was enough to send my pussy into its 4th orgasm.

Last but not least was Jody. His load was one that I actually had wanted to taste for months. Not even he knew it nor my husband.

I leaned into him and began to make love to his cock. My husband noticed the change in my attempt to bring him off, but never said a word, except.....

"I know you want his more so enjoy it." He leaned into my ear and whispered.

And boy did I enjoy it. Jody was the office nerd. Wasn't a very handsome guy but I could tell he had a nice cock and would have a huge load for me.

After about 5 or so minutes of sucking him in and out he began to stiffen up . I know he was about to explode. What happened next not even I was ready for.

His cock began to throb, but he didn't shoot his cum out like all the other guys. His cum oozed out like turning on a faucet slowly. He came and came. The absolute largest load of cum I had ever taken. It was very easy to swallow and has a tremendous taste to it. Why hadn't I'd done this months ago.

His cock juice came out for what seemed like 10 minutes but I know it wasn't that long. But there sure was alot of it. I could feel my stomach filling with his cum. Once he was done he almost passed out on the floor. And so did I.

"Damn. He came for almost 3 minutes." My husband whispered.

"Uh, huh." I moaned.

We sat around and talked for about 30 minutes. got some drinks and just made smalll talk.

"You guys in a hurry to go home?" My husband asked.

"I can stay about another hour or so." Larry said.

"I know I should be going, but I can stay awhile longer." Jody confided.

"Well, then I guess we don't want anyone to get into any trouble so we'd better get busy." I said as I reached out and too larrys and jodys cock into my hand and pulled them back into the living room. My husband followed behind.

When we got to the living room I pushed larry on the floor and got down and began licking his cock. He instantly got hard which was a pleasant surprise. Most big dicks take awhile.

Jody and my husband were standing behind me.

"Jody why don't you get a taste of her sweet pussy. I'll stand here and wait my turn." He told jody.

Jody went right to work. I knew he would have a talented tongue. He was getting me off faster than anyone before.

Larry was hard now, so I crawled up onto him and sat right down onto his massive dick. It sank right into me with no problem. My husband came around front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth.

"Jody, It looks like there's only one hole left buddy." My husband told him.

He must have spit on his hand because when he touched my ass his hand was wet. I had never done this before so I was prepared for some pain.

Just then I felt his cock head press against my hole. He slightly pushed forward and it went right in. I couldnt believe that there was nothing but pleasure. Larry and Jody began fucking me. One in my pussy and one in my ass, as hard as they c ould. My husband was fucking my face as hard as he could. We did this for a few minutes and then all 3 of them began cummin at once. My mouth was full, my pussy was full and my ass was full. My pussy and my body collaped in a heap on the floor.

Never had I enjoyed sex so much. And I can tell you none of them had either. We get together twice a week now..... but Jody gets a blowjob anytime he wants.

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