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I'm James, 57, and I live on a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Florida USA. I'm not the type of person you would typically find living on an upscale island, but I got here by hard work, good decisions and some luck. A "blessing" perhaps, if you are among the faithful. I recently retired and have already accomplished a long list of projects and upgrades around the house. I expected my list to take a year to complete, but five months later I found myself bored, sitting by the pool and drinking way too much whisky and beer.

I don't socialize much on the island. These people here are not like me. For one thing, the lifestyle here begins at upper-middle class and just goes on up from there. That's not the type of people I associate with. The only reason I chose to live here is to use my home as an investment as I upgrade it. I don't fit in well with these people, they live in fantasyland and have no idea what life is like for "normal" people in the real world.

Now, with so much time on my hands and no one to spend it with except beer and Jack Daniels, I've been putting on the weight. I caught a glimpse of my shadow the other day and was appalled at my size! I decided I was going to have to something about it. There's a park nearby, where all the upscale soccer moms take their pre-schoolers to play, and/or to walk briskly around the track in their cute but hot active wear. The parking lot is always full of expensive SUVs. These women don't work, I assume they married after graduating from some over-priced university, and married some sucessfull jerkoff. They hire nannies to watch their kids play as they walk around the track bragging about how important their husbands are and what new things they have recently bought.

So it was a surprise to me, on my third morning there, to see someone who looked as out-of-place as I am.  Even from across the large field, I could tell she was Asian. My heart jumped a little, as I have been fond of Asian women ever since I spent some time in the Philippines as a young military man. As I stretched my muscles, I watched her rounding the oval and now approaching me. She wasn't wearing a $500 jogging suit, she had a pair of dark green unbranded shorts and was wearing a light jacket. It was bright sun and 80 degrees that day, even at 8:30 in the morning. Then it hit me, she is Pinay. The jacket is not for warmth, it's to keep the sun off her arms. Closer now, I can see she is cute, really cute! She looked to be lower-to-mid 30s of age.

She was wearing sunglasses, and I was dying to see her eyes. The eyes of Pinay always delight me, I think it's one of their best features. Always mysterious, but playful like a child, the eyes of Pinay often downplay everything that is going on inside their pretty little heads. And true to their nature, she flashed a beautiful smile at me as she passed. I noticed a huge, sparkling wedding ring on her finger.

She went by, and I fell in behind her, walking at the same pace. I noted that I couldn't discern her body shape because of the jacket. Her beautiful black hair was pulled back into a pony tail that bobbed as she walked. The jacket hid her waist and half her butt. Her golden brown legs were absolutely gorgeous. I wished I could see more of her. After two laps around the huge oval, she left the track. I watched where she went... she walked to a super-expensive Porsche SUV and drove off.

I didn't sleep well that night. I thought about her continually. I couldn't wait to get back over to the park in the morning. Remembering that she was already there when I arrived the day before, I went a little earlier, arriving at 8:00. I waited in my truck listening to music and checking facebook on my phone. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later a silver Porsche pulled in. I watched her park and climb out. I timed my approach to the track to get there at the same time she did, and I began to walk beside her. After a minute, I introduced myself:

"Gandang umaga, I am James. I saw you here yesterday."

"Yes! I remember you... I'm Josie".

"Nice to meet you, Josie", and she flashed that lovely smile at me. I asked her, "Do you live around here?"

"Yes, down on Sunset Trail"  Wew! That's where all the really big homes are!

"I'm just over here on the Parkway", I said.

We continued to make small talk, and I noticed that she was very open and friendly, like most Pinay are. She wasn't "mukhang pera" in the least.... never once did she put on airs and boast about what she has. She appeared humble and her clothes confirmed it. I'm sure she could easily buy a $500 matching track suit if she wanted to. I liked her.

We walked and talked every morning from then on, I learned so much about her. But the thing I really wanted to know the most didn't come for a couple of weeks.... how she met her husband. I knew that she grew up in Pinas, so she wasn't fil-am. Obviously, someone in her husband's income bracket is not a former U.S. military veteran, even a high-and-mighty ex-colonel wouldn't live on Sunset Trail So how did they meet? I broached the subject in a round about way, and finally got the story.

She was an OFW in Dubai, working as a maid in a huge, five-star hotel. Hubby was a business traveler. One day he requested some towels, she brought them to his room,  and they fucked. She said it matter-of-factly, just like that. I've known many Pinay to be frank, but still it surprised me! I inquired further and found out she had a pinoy boyfriend years ago in Philippines whom she had given herself to... and then he left. She felt unworthy for a long time after that, and then decided to try working abroad just to get away from the whole situation. And then she she met hubby. She hadn't expected it to be any more than a fling. He flirted with her a little, then just started removing her clothes like he owned her.... and she just stood there and did nothing to stop him. She really felt nothing before, during or after they fucked. She said it was just okay, not great, but there was no emotion. Even now, she said, there is no emotion between them.

We finished our laps and I proposed coffee somewhere out of the way, where no one would recognize us. I helped her climb into my truck and I left the island and headed for a nearby small town. There, we sipped our coffee and continued the conversation:

"He married me for a toy. His three previous wives, all white women, had married and divorced him demanding huge settlements. He wanted someone he could control and who he thought would never leave. Someone like me who he thinks can't survive on my own. He wanted someone he could keep like a pet, give me enough to keep me quiet, and stick his dick into me whenever he feels like it. He has never treated me as a lady or a friend."

Wow, I was stunned. I listened to this beautiful, soft, intelligent, gentle woman pour her heart out. Now in tears, I felt awkward sitting across from her, so I moved to her side of the booth. I held her until she stopped crying. Having also saw my ring, she wanted to know about my wife. I began:

"We've been married 36 years. First off, I want to say that I love her, I really do! But she became depressed after our kids left home, and we have become strangers to each other. She sits and looks out the window during dinner, lost in thought and not sharing whatever it is she is thinking about. She has completely lost all desire for romance and no amount of explaining, arguing, new techniques, sexy lingerie, sex toys, or, or...  love have had any effect on her. I've finally given up. She is still working, as though her work is all she has left in her life. I feel so alone, but I won't leave her because we made a vow...

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