Space Adventures CH.1:The Crate.

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reminder first time ko po so medyo di pa ko sanay and this will also be my very first story so bear with me especially typos, anyway since chapter 1 wala muna akong masyado g sexual scenes since medyo ibubuild ko ung setting ng world
Ung lang and I hope you guys enjoy.😊
Edward Marshall was just waking up from his cozy bed and mostly due to the irritating sound of his alarm clock. He looks around..may 12 2089 standard time is 7:45.hmmmmmmm

SHIT! He has something VERY important to do by 8:15, "dammit dammit shit!" Edward said running downstairs with haste and a bit of panic he hurriedly removed his panjamas and stepped in the showers, he has a mascular body,5" 9 tall, he has a bit of muscle but dosent show em off he didn't really like attention.he also had a pretty long cock about 8 inches and he had a hint of abs. And neat hair plus his blue eyes.

"sir incoming call" a robotic voice said. "put it through James" he said. James was his ever loyal AI buddy.everyone had one now.when he is at home James would assign robot cleaners to do chores. He can plug his phone in the one of the many AI ports so he can let James go with him.he was pretty much like cortana in halo, no rampancy of course he was quite intelligent. And very human he was Edwards best pal. He better, him alone cost Edward 800,000. And his system worth 200,000. Edwards best pal costs a million.

Fortunately,it was easy to gain a million in this times.ever since earth and all the nations were formed into one government it was easier for the growth of the rest of the earth. And of course the han colonies in the other systems. That ms to faster-than-light or FTL travel. It was easy to colonize planets.along with terraforming and AI tech humanity was now advanced and more progressive. Or was it?

Edwards was all set up. He had cargo pants and a polo shirt. He liked old fashion
He plugged his phone into the port in James station

"Would you like me to come sir" the AI said "well of course go into my phone so we can roll" he said. "I'll lock the house down first" then the AI conducted a few security checks then transferred himself to Edwards phone."I'm in secured."the AI said."good lets roll!" Then they left the house.

"Sir I advise we take the light trains" James suggested "HELL NO" Edward said. Light trains were very fast trains using a bit of FTL they can travel 400 km/h. Not recommended for People who have sickness or just can't take very high speeds. Light trains were all the earth. A trip from manila to London would take no more than 30 mins in a light train.
"No choice sir.unless you wanna take the porter" James knew what Edward hated so much..porters.or teleporters.
"Fine let's take the light train. " john grumbled and he ran,there was nearby light train station in his location. This line was spread across the. American sector.nations were now sectors.governed by the United earth directorate.

They were late to catch the current light train and were forced to wait 5 minutes before the next one arrived.Edward ingested a flower, the flower is not a plant,rather a pill the makes People unervous.and riding a light train makes Edward very very nervous. The train arrived like lightning. "Its 7:56 sir" James said.with all haste Edward boarded the light train.
."all passengers strap yourselves in. Be advised that we are not responsible for any broken ribs or dislocated bones if you fail to strap in.please have a great day we will leave in 10 seconds."the train operator said "great "Jon muttered"
"Oh boy" Edward thought. Then without warning the light train speeds away."next stop manila. Philippine sector "

After 10 mins of near FTL...

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