One Hot Summer Night!

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I worked at a summer camp for 5 years. We had a staff of 24 girls and 4 guys. The camp is located in northern Iowa on a beautiful lake. Obviously the odds were in the guys favor and who was I to complain about that.

We stayed rather busy during the days working our various jobs and usually didn't have time to ourselves until after 7 PM each day. When we did get some time we usually headed off camp to enjoy the different places and events around the lake. Sometimes, however, on particularly hot evenings some of us would go swimming down at our beach. One of the girls that worked at the camp my last year there was named Jill. Jill was the lifeguard and was very attractive. She had a very slender body and a gorgeous dark tan. Guys were always hitting on her but she didn't seem to like that kind of guy. I, too, was attracted to her but being a little on the shy side found myself staying back a little bit. She seemed comfortable with that and to my surprise seemed interested in me mostly because I didn't push or act like an idiot around her. As the summer went on we actually became good friends and particularly liked to go fishing together. During the times we fished we shared a lot about ourselves. Our likes and dislikes, our dreams about the future, laughter and just plain good friendship.

We had a standard policy at the camp. If it was your birthday you got thrown in the lake. Being the oldest member of the staff it was my duty to see to it that no one escaped. That summer was no exception. Jill just happened to have a summer birthday and as much as I liked her she had to pay. On the day of her birthday I started giving her a hard time about having to be thrown in. She just sort of smiled and reminded us that she was a lifeguard. She would be in her swim suit most of the day so what good would it be throwing her in.
Usually I didn't go down to the beach during the day but this particular day was different. When I got down there, of course, there were guys lurking around the lifeguard stand where she sat. She seemed rather irritated by the attention she always seemed to draw from these idiots. As I approached the dock she stood up, smiled and started to wave to me. This seemed to bother the guys and they started to move away from the stand a little. I was older than most of the guys around her and also somewhat bigger and more muscular than them. The looks on their faces told me they realized that she was out of there league and my approach confirmed their feelings. I walked out to where Jill sat and couldn't help but admire the beautiful sight. She had on a royal blue bikini. Her breasts were a little bigger than average and very firm. What cleavage she showed was very tan and sparkled as the sun hit the baby oil she had smothered her body in. She had long beautiful but muscular legs and a small but shapely rear end. It was no wonder she drew the attention of so many a horny guy. She grinned at me as if to say thanks for saving her. I smiled back and reminded her that it was her birthday and she would be going for a swim before the day was up. To my surprise she answered me with a taunting, "Promises, promises". It was at this point that I decided that she would be going in the lake later in the evening. About 8 PM I started looking for Jill deciding that it was time for her birthday splash. I finally found her sitting in the store talking to one of the other girls. When she saw me she smiled and said, "Don't even think about it". To which I replied, "Too late". Jill was dressed in a pair of cut off shorts and a red halter top. She was bare footed as usual so I figured I wouldn't have to worry about ruining any thing of hers when she went in. As I approached I was met by two feet up and ready to offer resistance. I laughed and told her struggling would just prolong the inevitable. We tussled for a bit but quickly I had her picked up and heading out the door toward the lake. Realizing it was no use to struggle she wrapped her hands around my neck as I carried her toward the lake. It was hard to keep my focus on being onry. I could feel her firm breast against my chest as I carried her and the smell of her perfume was driving me crazy. When we arrived at the dock a rather large crowd of staff and amused bystanders had assembled to watch the traditional baptizing. Jill was smuggly telling me I was going in with her so I'd better get ready. Of course, I had no intention of going in myself. I had many times been threatened but no one had ever succeeded in throwing me in. Still the thought of going in the water with Jill suddenly became very inviting. Since I was already enjoying the feel of her up against me I decided that I might just jump in with her while holding her in my arms. With the urging of the crowd I did just that. As we hit the water Jill didn't let go and neither did I. We both disappeared under the water and then came back up soaking wet. I still had Jill in my arms and she still had her hands around my neck. As I looked down I could see her hard nipples pushing through her red halter top as it clung tightly to her breasts. God, did she look delicious. We proceeded to wrestle a bit dunking each other and putting on a show for the crowd. After a few minutes of carrying on we finally decided that enough was enough. One of the girls offered Jill a towel which she took as she climbed up the ladder onto the dock. I climbed up behind her standing there dripping wet in my shorts and t-shirt. After a minute she offered me the towel and said, "You don't really deserve this, but....". I laughed.
She said she was going back to take a shower but we had a score we needed to settle. Of course it was my turn to reply, "Promises, promises". As I watched her leave all I could think about was how good she felt when I was carrying her. Those wet clothes had definately increased the stir that was festering within me. We had become such good friends that I had suppressed a lot of the feelings of attraction I had for her. I think too that she felt as good being carried by me as I felt carrying her.

About 10 PM that night I decided to go down by the lake and look at the stars. After sitting there about 10 minutes I heard a soft voice say, "Mind if I join you". I looked up to see a very beautiful face with pearly white teeth grinning down at me. I was surprised and yet half way expecting Jill to come down and join me. "Mind if I sit down?" she asked. She kinda woke me out of my trance like stare to which I replied, "Not at all".

We sat for a few moments laughing and teasing each other about the dunking and who had won the battle. She insisted she did but I knew that I had truly won because I got to feel her up against me. We sat and talked for awhile and then found ourselves looking out over the water quietly. We didn't speak and yet I felt very connected to my friend. Thoughts were going through my head but stronger ones through my heart. Something had happened this day that I wasn't expecting.

The next part came as quite the surprise. Jill broke the silence by asking me if I ever fantasized about anything. Not knowing quite how she was meaning this I asked her, "How so?" "You know, stuff", she replied. I told her yes and then asked her the same question. She also said yes. Again we sat quietly. It was Jill who broke the silence. "I've been thinking about something for a long time but never thought I'd pursue it until tonight." Not at all sure what she was referring to I quipped, "OH.....?" Smiling she told me she was going back to the dorm and wanted me to come down and get her in about 15 minutes. Trying to hide my excitement I nodded a yes to her. I watched as she quickly got up and headed through the trees toward the girls dorm. Not quite sure what to do with myself I headed back to my cabin. Consumed by thought I found myself using the bathroom, brushing my teeth, putting on a little colon and checking to make sure my hair was all in place. I watched the clock a bit and when I thought that about 15 minutes had passed I started down the path towards the girls dorm. My mind was going a thousand miles per hour wondering what in the world Jill had meant by her statement. I was about to find out.

The night was very still and quite muggy. The temperature still in the high 80's. The moon was out but a few clouds floating slowly by added a little mystery to its appearance. Jill opened the front door just as I started up the walk to her dorm. She was dressed in a pair of short blue jean shorts and a snug white t-shirt that really stood out against her tan even in the darkness of the moonlit evening.

She had a blanket in her arms and a flashlight. I looked quizzically at them and then looked up at her. She greeted me with her smile as usual but something in this smile had a touch of mystery to it. Trying to play it cool I said, "What ya got there?" "Just a blanket and a flashlight", she replied. "Want me to carry anything?" I asked. "You can carry the blanket if you don't mind," she smiled. I held out my hand and Jill handed me the blanket. I took it and she asked me if I would go for a walk with her. I said of course and off we headed. Now, at this point I didn't have a clue where we were going but I didn't really care either. I was with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen or liked. One of those feelings of who cares what the rest of the world is doing. I'm in the best company and place I could be.

We walked along for awhile before I realized we were walking out towards the softball diamond area on the back side of the camp. On the far side of the diamonds was a lagoon that surrounded the camp with tall cottonwood trees all along its banks. The cottonwood trees created a canopy effect and offered some darkness from the moonlight.

Jill broke the silence with these surprised words, "This is taking all the courage I have but this is something I really want to do. I need you to promise that you'll go along with whatever I ask." She had a very serious look and tone to her voice. I could tell she was urgent about her request and something told me she needed my reassuring reply. "Okay," I said. "It's your birthday and whatever you say goes." "Good", she replied firmly. We were almost to the rise in the ground where it rose up to form a bank on the edge of the lagoon. Jill had selected a place that was quite dark and fairly secluded in amongst the trees. We could see the camp but also I'm sure we couldn't be seen unless someone happened out this way intentionally. Jill stopped. I could see she was in thought. She moved a little further down the bank and motioned for me to come with her. She reached for the blanket and quickly spread it out on the ground. She laid the flashlight down and then turned to face me. I was nervous and yet extremely excited. I was glad it was dark because I'm sure she could've seen how hard I was through my shorts very easily.
Jill reached out her hand. Instinctively I took her hand in mine and she pulled me closer to her. "In a minute I'm going to give you some instructions that need to be followed carefully, okay?" she said with a soft but stern voice. "Okay.." I said rather questioningly. Jill pulled me a little closer and I found myself almost up against her. She pulled her hand free and put her hands on my shoulders. Her intent gaze was pulling hard at me and suddenly I found myself leaning towards her. Her eyes seemed different now and her body language said she wanted me to move close. I wrapped my arms around her waist. Ecstacy shot through ever inch of my body as my lips met hers for the very first time. As we kissed I felt her pull me closer until her breasts touched lightly against my chest. I could feel her breathing become deeper as we kissed more intently. I felt her body move closer. I realized that momentarily she would be able to feel how hard I was. At this moment, though, I didn't care. Whatever was going to happen was fine with me. After several minutes of kissing she guided my hand to her breast. I had often thought about what it would be like to touch her. Now my hand was gently rubbing against what at one time thought to be only a dream. I caressed her full firm breast softly while working slowly toward her nipple. I felt her lips press harder against mine as my fingers felt the protrusion through her top. She pressed her bottom close against me sending a hot flash riveting through my body. Quietly she pulled back a little and asked, "Are you ready?" "Yes", I whispered.

She stepped back a little and with a smile said, "Watch". I watched as she lifted up her shirt over her head. She dropped the shirt on the blanket and then quickly started to unbutton her shorts. "Take yours off too", she said. Obediently I took my shirt off and undid my shorts. By this time she was stepping out of her shorts. She smiled as she watched my shorts slide down. Her eyes went to my hardness and even in the dark I could see her smile. She came close and we embraced for a short kiss. Again she stepped back and said, "It's time." She reached back and unhooked her bra. I felt my eyes sliding down to meet her beautiful bare breasts. I watched as she let her bra fall to the blanket. She didn't seem to mind me looking squarely at her breasts and even seemed to push them out a little to entice me further. She bent over and picked up the flashlight. To my surprise she laid down on the blanket. Spreading her legs she asked me to take off my underpants and kneel between her legs. Quickly I slid off my undies. She turned the flashlight on for a moment and shined it on my stiff penis. She then turned off the light and asked me to run my fingers across the crotch of her panties. As I reached down to stroke her her hand met mine. She guided my hand on to her beautiful thick mound. I practically exploded as I felt her warm wet mound through her silky white panties. As I stroked up down slowly I could feel the wetness starting to seep through onto my wanting fingers. I could feel her bottom start to move to my stroking. For a moment we were lost in a feeling that seemed so much like a dream.

She spoke quietly. "This is the part where once we start we don't stop, okay." Queitly, I nodded. "What I need you to do is get ready to slide my panties to the side and when I say to go, just go, okay." "Okay........." I panted. Still rubbing her mound I watched as she picked up the flashlight and turned it on. "Get ready, now", she gasped. I moved her panties to the side and got down low my penis head very close to her wet opening. "Good", she moaned. "Now watch".
I watched as she turned the light on her beautiful white breasts. Her very dark tan made them stand out like two illumined globes shining for all to see. Poised for action I watched wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Her head was propped forward on her t-shirt and she was staring down at her breasts breathing very heavily. I could feel the tension in her body as I held her panties to the side of her wet and throbbing mound. I had my hand on my penis holding it close to her opening trying desparately not to just thrust it into her. My eyes were riveted to her breasts when suddenly I realized that a mosquito had landed on her. Reaching out to brush it away she grabbed my hand and firmly said, "NO". Surprised I watched as the mosquito sat perched ready to take his share from her breast. Her breathing began to quicken and I now realized what she was doing. She had intended for these little creatures to land on her. A few more mosquitos began to land each one sticking their needled nose into her ripe breast. "Get ready now" she panted. I watched as several more landed. Blood had oozed slightly from around the openings a few of them haad created. I watched as each one penetrated into her breasts and began to suck. "Now!" she gasped grabbing my penis and pulling into her opening. "Go hard!" she ordered. With that I pushed hard against her opening my hard cock wanting to penetrate but finding a lot of resistance. I pushed even harder now and suddenly felt her begin to tear as I thrust myself into her wanting mound. "Yes.. she moaned. "Penetrate me deep." I felt myself sliding into her warmth until my hip bones hit hard against her. I knew I was all the way up inside of her and throbbing with anticipation. "God, yes", she moaned as she tipped her head forward to watch her little intruders having their way with her breasts. "Do me you little bastards", she said as she began to grind hard against my swollen penis. I found myself starting to go in and out of her as we fell into a pounding rhythm of our own. She reached up and started squishing the little buggers as she intensified her thrusts. She dropped the flashlight to the side and pulled me down hard on top of her. As our lips met I felt my body melt into hers. We became one as we drove into each other moving towards that amazing explosion. I felt myself dripping inside her and muttered that I was going to cum. "Give it to me", she gasped. I felt her tighten hard around me as her body began to quiver and shake. I drove deep inside her and held tight as I shot my love deep into her beautiful wanting body. She pulled hard against my bottom taking me as deep as she could squeezing every drop I could muster for her. We were locked so tight that for a few moments neither one of us breathed. Suddenly we both gasped for air as our bodies relaxed. Breathing hard and fast I rolled her over on top of me. We lay there panting and gasping for air as we began to come down from our wild climaxing. I held her softly but firmly. I felt her body still heaving but starting to slow a bit. I closed my eyes and must've drifted off to sleep for a bit. I woke up to her smiling down at me. I was still up inside of her. "That was incredible", she said with a playful but amazed look on her face. I could muster no words but smiled and nodded.

After a bit we got up. We cleaned each other up with my tshirt. I watched as she picked her bra up. "They really did a number on me", she said with a laugh. I reached my hand out and felt the welts inflicted by the little buggers. After a moment she turned away from me and asked me if I would hook her bra for her. She then picked up her panties and pulled them on. In a few moments we had our clothes back on. We kissed and hugged realizing that something had happened between us changing our relationship forever. We walked quietly back through the moonlight toward the dorm neither one of speaking a single word. I had my arm around her and her head lay against my shoulder as we walked. Our touch spoke the words we were thinking and feeling.

I kissed her good night. She quietly told me this was the best birthday present ever.

I'm now 41. I'm laughing as I watch my son swatting mosquitos. We're fishing on the same dock I threw his mom off of on that wonderful birthday 19 years ago. I wonder what he would think if I told him he should be thanking those mosquitos. After all.....if it weren't for them he might not be here. (Wink)

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