Lustful Weekend Part 5

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One Thursday afternoon, I got a text message from Danny, “hi pretty, I hope you are okay. You want to meet later? Kat and myself will go to a club and party. You may want to join us and have a sleepover at the hotel again.”

Napa-smile ako sa message ni Danny. I replied, “hmmm…tempting ang offer mo. But sorry I will pass muna since I have classes tomorrow.” A minute later I got a reply from him, “sayang naman. pero okay lang, maybe next time?”

A naughty smile formed on my face. I know there will be complications, but I want to do it just the same. And I texted him again, “but I am free tomorrow (Friday) night for party and sleepover….”

Danny replied, “wow, I am speechless. Thank you for saying yes. We will see you tomorrow. Let us party at this nice club in makati, let us all have fun.” We agreed that they will fetch me at the dormitory by around 7 pm, have dinner, go to Danny’s place to change and party. I am excited to spend the night with Danny and Kat. I imagined how horny he must be with me, more so with his big dick.

That night I was thinking, ano ba tong ginawa ko. I am sure Danny will fuck me (or at the very least attempt to fuck me). Shall I cancel this? I took my phone, thinking if I will text Danny to cancel. Mag-iisip ako ng dahilan. Natigilan ako ng mga 10 minutes, then decided not to cancel, bahala na.

The next day, Friday, I went to class. There were number of work to be finished so attention mind is focus on studies. Did not bother to check my phone for any messages. Classes ended at 1130 and it was only then I was able to read the messages. Danny texted to reminded me that he and Kat will drop by at 7 pm. I sent him the address of our dorm.

I rested a bit and took a bath after. I shaved my pubic hair to make sure it is clean and smooth. I know guys loved to eat shaved pussy. I picked two sets of sexy party outfits, I wore a pink shirt and a blouse. Put my vanity kit inside the small overnight bag.  

At around 7 pm, I got a text from Danny and he and Kat are already at the parking area. I left a note to my roommate saying that I will staying overnight with a friend and went down. Danny and Kat were waiting for me at the parking lot. They looked excited upon seeing me, thanking me for saying yes to their invitation. Danny is driving an SVU and Kat is seating in the passenger seat. I took the back seat. Kat said that better to have dinner first before going to the hotel to prepare. She told me about this nice club they frequent and since it is Friday, there will a lot of people and it will be a nice place to party. It has been a while since I went out clubbing and it added to the excitement.

After dinner, we went back to Danny’s hotel at around 9 and I was a bit tired. Danny said Kat and myself can rest a bit sa room while he watched TV sa sala. He told me that party at this club starts at around midnight so we have time to get ready. Kat asked me if I want a drink. She is fixing Johnny Walker for her and Danny, and I said yes.

After a while she went inside the room to give me the whisky. “Are you okay sis?” she asked. I told her that I am good and excited about the club they were describing. Kat said that we will all enjoy the night. She asked me what party wear I brought. I showed her a blue dress with a high slit on the left side. The opening reached the pussy area. It has a long opening, tipong kaunting move ko kita na undies ko. Since we will go to a club and I don’t want to appear lame, I decided to wear it.

“Ang sexy naman yan sis,” Kat complemented me. She said she will wear a short dress as well. Then she told me that we shou... Read More »

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