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  • The Last Song Syndrome
    Submitted by: Fiction-Factory
    (Wanna feel the pleasure while reading? Relax your mind. Take your time, read it slowly. Do not skip lines, understand the plot. Use your imagination. Get your senses involved. Try to feel what those characters felt, to see what they saw.)"The Last Song Syndrome"by: Fiction-Factory--I remember the d...
  • Vacation Does Not Count Chapter 3, "“The Driver“"
    Submitted by: webmaster
    We stepped off the plane in Jamaica and the company rep was waiting with our car. Because of work and social obligations with the large company staff in Jamaica, Sondra and I had little time to misbehave. Finally, we were finished, and at our host's suggestion, we asked the chauffeur, Samuel, to...
  • Bukas Na Bintana
    Submitted by: Bebeko
    Naalimpungatan siya mula sa isang mainit na bagay na naglalaro sa korona ng kanyang dibdib. Napa-ungol si Mona sa sarap. Nakikiliti sya sa sarap na dulot nito. Mula sa mahimbing na tulog ay unti-unting dumaloy ang kuryente sa katawan niya. Umiinit na ang pinakapuno ng kanyang tenga."Ohhhhhhh", ungol...