Fantasy And Reality Merges (Last Part)

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Date: March 16, 2013 (6 years ago)

The dinner, the wine, the dancing and the company was unbelievable that night. Through out the night, I danced with Brad and Jim, as did Sarah. All night, Sarah and I kept giving each other that knowing look. A slow song came next and Sarah grabbed Brad and headed to the floor. I looked at Jim and said, Well looks like it's you and I... With a smile he got up, grabbed my hand and led me out onto the floor. As soon as he pulled me near, I could feel his manhood against me. As we turned, I looked over and saw Brad and Sarah, he was pulling her close, her arms up around his neck their pelvis's almost one. She glanced at me with a look of almost asking if it was ok. I winked at her and smiled as she gave almost the slightest of nods. This was all new to me, but as Brad looked and mouthed the words 'I love you', I never felt more secure in my life. We all had a feeling the night was just starting.

As the song ended, we all returned to our table, ordering one more round. Jim and Sarah invited us back up to their condo for a night cap. With that, we all finished our drinks, paid our bill, and headed out. Brad asked me if I was having a good time. Honey, there is no where I would rather be than here with you.... It was a short walk back to the condo. There was an excitement in the air it seemed with all of us. Our newfound friends seemed as comfortable as we did with each other. To watch them with each other was refreshing. You could see the love and the trust and combine that with their great personalities, it just made the night. If felt good to be with a couple so much like Brad and I. We all looked like teenagers in love but that how we have made our relationship as strong as it is today.

Walking in Jim and Sarah's condo, the guys quickly broke out the bottles as Sarah and I hit the ladies room. Sherry, I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves as much as we are.... Are you kidding, I am so glad Brad decided to head down this weekend, we were both in dire need of some time away. And to meet you two, is just icing on the cake. I feel so comfortable with both of you, and I know Brad does too. Besides, I do have to admit, I did enjoy the dances, as it looked as if you and Brad were having a good time out there as well... I said smiling. From what I could tell, you and Jim are going to have a good night later, although it was totally by accident, hehe... Her response kind of surprised me but intrigued me at the same time, I think the good time started the moment we met.... Yes, I believe your right Sarah.... We both decided to slip into something a little more comfortable and to have a little fun with the boys. Donning short shorts and tank tops, we walked back into living room where Brad and Jim had a pitcher of daiquiris waiting on us. The conversations just seemed to flow, as did the Bacardi and mixers. Before we knew it, with all the laughing and cutting up, the conversation turned to sex. Laughing about the pitfalls of having kids and making time for romance all the while trying to hide the fact of what you are doing, especially with the kids getting older. Sarah speaks up and tells Jim that like them, we enjoy reading erotica and watching porn to add to our sex lives. Of course, we have all had enough liquid courage to hide any inhibitions we may have. That and just the comfort that we all felt with each other it seemed no topic was off limits. Sarah grabbed my hand and said Come on, lets go see what we have.... We go back to the bedroom and lo and behold, they had quite a few DVDs, all of which were porn movies. We brought some of our favorites, I love a good mix... Sarah stated. While I was looking over a few and looking at the back of the covers, I could almost feel my pussy getting damp. you guys have to watch this one... said Sarah, handing my one that had a gorgeous brunette and a busty blonde on the front. This one has somewhat of a story line to it. It tells about a couple who decide to see how many of their fantasies they can bring to reality. It has a wonderful mix of FF, MFMF, and anything in between.... We were both thinking the same thing I think, but I told her, hell, no time like the present, I am sure Jim and Brad won't mind..., laughing. But I don't know how long we will last, I have been wet since we got here, so don't be offended if we call it a night soon.... Oh honey, we may be the ones disappearing first... she said. With that, we walk back into the living room where the guys had a fresh pitcher made up and waiting for us. As I walked out I told Brad, Baby, we found a good movie to end this wonderful evening with..., smiling a lewd smile and flashing him somewhat of kiss. As Sarah put the movie in, they both kicked off their shoes and Jim took a seat on the end of the couch and Brad in the loveseat just to the right of the couch. They had no idea what we had gotten, so when the previews came on, their reactions were priceless. You would have thought they were teenagers again.
Sarah grabbed the remote and sat next to Jim and I snuggled up to Brad. We had turned off the lights so just the light of the TV screen filled the room. The movie started kind of slow but quickly heated up as a brunette and her husband started hot and heavy. He was hot and built to kill and she was absolutely beautiful. As they stripped, he laid back and she crawled up next to him, kissing him and working her way down his stomach, over his abs and soon taking his cock into her mouth. As she turned, her ass was up and he had full access to her pussy as she bent over. She was fondling his balls while stroking him with her other hand. The camera would pan back to show her pussy from behind, and you could see her labia was swollen and soaked. His fingers working slowly, moving from her pussy and teasing her ass occasionally. I was absolutely soaking wet and I was rubbing Brads cock thru his khakis. Hearing a soft moan, and realizing it wasn't coming from the TV, I saw Jims hand down in Sarah's shorts and saw her eyes closing for a few minutes and then they would open up, to catch a glimpse of the scene on the screen. That took my surprise, not the fact of what they were doing, but at my own reaction. It turned me on immensely to know that his fingers had to be soaking wet from my newfound friend's pussy. Brad had seen this as well, reaching down, I parted my legs to give him room. He had no problem finding my pussy already wet, lips swollen and waiting for his touch. This was too hot, the movie, the scene playing out right next to us, and the fact that we were doing this next to them. I notice Sarah's breathing getting faster and heavier as mine seemed to match pace with her. Suddenly, I heard her give a slight, muffled moan and she tensed up. Her orgasm rocked her as she reached down, holding Jims hand still as mine hit me. The sight of her immediately sent me over the edge as I came with her. The room was filled with sexual energy. The sights, the smells were overpowering. As we both came down, we looked at each smiling. The glow in her eyes and mine as well I am sure seemed amazingly relaxing. We sat there, all four of us watching the scenes unfold on the TV as Sarah and I caught our breathes. As the brunette on TV was feverishly blowing the hunk there with her, another couple came from the shadows climbing on the bed next to them. The other female first slid on the hunks left side where she kneeled down, rubbing his left leg, kissing her way down till finally meeting the brunette at his cock. The brunette, pulling off his cock slowly, turned her head, their lips touching, kissing softly. As they took turns taking his cock in first ones mouth, then the others. The other male had come up behind the brunette, bending down and planting soft kisses over the soft mounds of her ass. As she moaned her approval, he then stood up, lifting her left leg up over her lover, essentially placing them in a sixty nine position. He then walked around, coming up behind his cute little blonde lover, doing the same to her. His tongue feeling like magic on her ass and the back of her thighs. His fingers running lightly over her.

They all seemed to maneuver themselves around as they rubbed, kissed, teased each other. The brunette rolled off her lover as the second man crawled between her legs. She slid down, laying next to her lover, till her head was just below his waist. This gave him a good view of this strange cock as it entered his gorgeous wife's pussy. At that, he rolled over and the blonde took his place, so she was next to his lover, there heads just below each others waist, this gave each of them an unobstructed view of the action going on right next to them. As he climbed between the blondes spread legs, her shaved pussy waiting for him, his lover reached over, rubbing his cock up and down the length of her pussy as she coaxed him to fuck her. The blonde instinctively did the same, reaching over and guiding her mans cock into the brunette. This scene had me needing to feel Brad. Jim and Sarah evidently were at the same point. They had moved down to the floor, him buried between Sarah's outstretched legs, his face shining with her juices. Brad gently stood me up, sliding my shorts down, turning me opposite of Sarah and lying me down next to her. My head was just below her waist. As Brad stood, dropping his khakis to the floor and stepping out them and his boxers, Sarah was watching intently.

I could see Jims tongue as he ran it up Sarah's pussy, her juices flowing heavily. Without thinking, I reached over, running my hand up the back of Sarah's thigh as she did mine. Her skin was so soft, her touch electrifying. Brad had knelt down lapping up my juices. She was watching Brad do to me what Jim was doing to her. We both let our hands move down, spreading each others pussy to help our husbands out. I had never touched another woman but this seemed so natural. Jim looked over and I pulled his face to mine, kissing him passionately. Tasting his wife's juices, I felt Brad's tongue pull away and knew he was kissing Sarah. My head was spinning. Even though I had no physical stimulation I could feel the build up continuing it seemed.

Sarah and I scooted closer so our torsos were next to each other. Feeling the warmth of her body next to mine was surreal. As we pulled our legs up, me helping hold her right leg and her helping hold up my right leg, the boys had moved and changed positions. Neither one of us had realized it initially, but when I saw Brad next to me, he mouthed the words I love you', with that he kissed me tenderly. Then, never taking his eyes off of me, he moved back over, kissing the leg I was holding. Moving his way down the inside of her thigh, I felt Jim doing the same to me. I stole a quick glance at Jim and moved my eyes back to my husband. He was nearing Sarah's swollen pussy. As I watched his tongue make its first contact, I felt Jim's tongue. I thought I would explode right then. I gently rubbed Sarah's leg and could feel her holding my leg up lightly rubbing mine. Jim's tongue worked magic on my pussy but right now, I needed to feel his cock. Reaching down with my left hand, I gently pulled his face up, Give it to me, fuck me, now. I need to feel it... almost panting and whispering. As he moved up, this was Brads queue as well. Sarah was pulling him up her body as well. Reaching over, I did as I had seen on the screen. I grabbed Brads swollen member, guiding him to where I knew he wanted to go. I rubbed his cock up and down Sarah's pussy, getting it lubed up well. Her lips seemed to know his cock was near. It seemed to open up as I watched intently, seeing his head disappear ever so slowly. Witnessing this was something I had always thought would just be a fantasy. All the while, I could feel her hand on Jims cock, rubbing it up and down my own pussy. Watching Brad take a few short strokes, seeing the folds of labia wrapped around his cock, watching them turn in as he fed in, and seeing them open up with each outward stroke was intoxicating. I could feel Jim enter me. His head splitting my opening. As he slowly entered me, a moan escaped my lips as I heard Sarah moaning and her breathe coming in pants. Holding her breathe at each thrust and only taking short breathes with each time Brad withdrew. It was almost too much. I knew I wouldn't last long with not only the physical stimulation, but the visual sights and hearing what my husband was doing right next to me. I knew what she was feeling, and she knew exactly what I was feeling. As I watched Brad finally work the full length of his cock in Sarah, Jim had worked his full length into me. Sarah and I just held each other tight, me holding onto her leg and her mine. Jim and Brad held still for a few minutes, letting both of us get used to the sensations of feeling another cock in us. But Sarah and I both needed to be fucked. Both of us began rocking our hips, this let them know we were ready. As Jim withdrew his full length, he raised up on his down stroke so I could feel his cock rubbing against my clit. That's it, just like that, give it to me!!!... Fuck me, that's it Jim, give it to me.... Sarah was talking as well, but it was almost inaudible. But Brad knew what she wanted. As he began his steady thrust, moving slow and then speeding it up, I knew he was going to bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. By now, we were all frantic. I was watching Brad fuck Sarah hard, hearing the wetness of her pussy as he slammed her. Hearing their bodies smack with each stroke. Jim was fucking me harder. The boys were almost matching each other stroke for stroke. I felt Sarah's finger on my clit. That was it, my body tensed, reaching my left leg around Jims ass, I pulled him deep. Reaching over, I found Sarah's clit. Soon as she felt my finger, I felt it begin to pulse as well. Running my finger under Brads cock as he buried deep, I felt her sphincter contract and pulsate in unison with her pussy. We each held each others husband deep as our orgasms took over our bodies.

No sooner had I began to come down, Jim began fucking me hard, steady and deep. Brad, watching this began fucking Sarah in the same manner. We knew they had to be close. Sarah began telling Brad she wanted to feel him coming. She wanted him to cum all over her stomach, her tits. Come on Jim, give it to me, let me have it baby.... They each lasted about 4 or 5 more strokes as Jim reached first, pulling out, raising up, stroking his cock and letting out rope after rope of hot cum all over my stomach, tits, neck and lips. Quickly, I pulled him, wrapping my fingers around his cock, stroking him, pulling him to my waiting mouth. Taking the head of his cock between my lips, I could taste my own cum and his as it was cumming in short spurts now. This was a first time I had tasted my own juices and sent me over the edge again. Don't know if it was that or just the fact our juices mixing, but my orgasm took me by surprise. Of course , the sight of Brad withdrawing and seeing him cum all over Sarah's pussy and abdomen, seeing it run down the inside of her thighs, over her ass may have had some impact on my own orgasm. I pulled Jim down, wrapping my arms around his neck holding him tight as I came down a little. Brad was catching his breathe as well as Sarah was holding him, her legs wrapped around him tightly. As we all caught our breathe, We all sort of laughed at ourselves at how quickly we all came and how intense it was. As Brad rested on top of Sarah, I rubbed his legs and ass, massaging them lightly. Once we became coherent again, the guys got up went in the kitchen to get us a drink as Sarah and jumped in the shower to clean up. This was the start of a wonderful friendship and we have several other stories if you like. Of course we had two more nights/days of vacation before heading home. Let us know if you would like to hear more.

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