Arra and Ruby - Chapter 4

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Arra and Ruby - Chapter 4     Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 4 -

After school, the girls went their separate ways to their respective homes. Once there, Ruby packed a bag and headed over to Arra's. They went straight into Arra's room and locked the door. They couldn't resist doing it now with everyone in the house and awake. But they did take some time to make out. Still in uniform, they lifted each other's skirts and pressed their panties together as they kissed. They were both sweaty from the day, and Arra still hadn't had a chance to wash her puki after what happened in class. Their natural scents fuled their passion even more and Ruby began to unbutton Arra's blouse. Just then Arra's mom called to them to come get something to eat. They jumped away from each other as though Arra's mother could see them through the door with her supermom x-ray eyes. They both were nervous and somewhat ashamed. They sheepishly joined the family for dinner.

Afterwards, they retired to Arra's room once more on the pretense of "having to work on their project", a convenient lie. Arra locked the door and they lay on the bed feeling each other.

"Baby Rubz, have you seen a boy's dick?"

"Yes, Baby Arr, I saw a boyfriends dick last year and even felt it!"

"Really? OMG! Was it scary? Was it big? W-What did it feel like?"

"Haha.. no silly, it wasn't scary. It was pretty big, but I only saw it hard. I never saw it when it was soft. I don't know how much it changes but it must be a lot. I mean, how do they hide it? Anyway, it felt nice. It was so hard but it was kind of spongy. It had a big mushroom head and a baggy sack below. It was so cool!  I saw it and played with it for a long time, but I didn't see him cum."


"Yeah, you know, silly... when they finish?  The white stuff?  You've seen it online, diba?"

"No, all I saw online was that video we watched of the Japanese chicks doing it."

"Well, get your laptop..."

Arr produced her laptop and Rubz searched for sex videos. The first they watched was a very pogi Pinoy with a sweet Pinay. It was nice to look at it, but it didn't show his dick very well. Arr really wanted to see a hard cock close-up.  So Rubz seached for "guys cumming" and eventually chose a very detailed and beautifully shot video of a guy masturbating close-up. His dick was amazing, long and smooth with neatly trimmed pubes, a low hanging sack, and a nice purplish head which was seeping clear pre-cum as he slowly stroked. His stomach was like a washboard, hard and defined, and the girls were fascinated watching this guy jack himself off. About 4 minutes in, the guy moaned, tensed up, and shot a gigantic load all over his stomach, cock, balls and hand. They were amazed as 5-6 ropes jetted out in slow motion. Both girls felt that now-familiar horny feeling they were coming to enjoy. Then they watched as the man sighed, relaxed and his dripping dick started to wane.

"Rubz... that's what happened to me!"


"In class! Today! When you...."

"Oh yeah!  You cummed!"

"Is it cummed or 'came'?"

"Haha, I dunno... but I want to do it too! You think I can?"

"Well, if I can, then you can too.... look it up!"

So with that, Rubz searched "girls cumming" and watched a video of a cute Asian schoolgirl doing herself. The two watched as the girl became more and more excited and agitated, then finally spasmed, her tummy heaving and she emitted some girl cum from her puki. The girls were fascinated and amazed, they couldn't beleive the wonder of what male and female bodies can do. They wondered why they hadn't looked into it before now.  Next they watched a video of a guy eating a girl's pussy and it seemed like she was in heaven. It finally culminated in the girl screaming and grinding her pussy on the guy's face. At the end it showed a close-up of her pussy, labia open and a creamish fluid seeping out. It looked like a wonderful mess.

"Thats it!  That's exactly what I did!"

"Wow... yeah!  I want to do it toooooo....."

Arra slid off the bed and got on her knees at it's side. She directed Rubz to lay perpendicular to the bed with her butt at the edge and one leg on either side of Arra's face. Arra lifted her skirt and pulled off her panty. There was no time for romance right now, they were horny and wanted to get it done. Arr spread Rubz' pussy and looked inside. It looked similar to the girl in the video, but not exactly the same. It was different from her own too, much "meatier". I guess we're all different, Arra thought, probably boy's dicks are all a little different too.

She could smell Ruby's scent, a little gamey this late in the day but not objectionable... just a sexy fragrance... Read More »

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