Arra and Ruby - Chapter 3

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Arra and Ruby - Chapter 3      Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 3 -

Monday brought a new week, and the girls went about their business at home and school normally. They had no plans to "come out" to anyone, in fact they weren't sure if they actually were coming out of anything or not. Neither considered herself a lesbian and both were very feminine. There was no apparent tomboy in either. No one would be able to guess the true nature of their bond.

Both living at home with their families, they didn't have many chances to do what they were craving. During the week, they mainly saw each other only at or directly after school. They had to get creative about when and where they expressed their passion; a little grab here, a little hug there, a whisper..... "i want to fuck you baby ko"  or "your ass is so hot....".  Of course, all of this during the weekdays only threw gasoline on the fire. It didn't satisy them or calm their passion, it only increased it.

Evenings were torrid before falling asleep alone, Arra had begun discovering herself through masturbation. She loved her hot body, shaved pussy and newfound desire. One night she put a hand mirror on the floor and squatted over it, investigating and admiring her tiny puki. She opened it and noted it unfolded like a flower, she could see bright pink between the inner lips and her little tinggil. It turned her on to rub it with her finger tips and watch it become shiny, wet with moisture. How she wished Ruby was there to lick and suck it. As she squatted she imagined Ruby's face was beneath her, and she sighed as she closed her eyes and swiveled her hips.

Meanwhile, Ruby was also at home in her room, she had taken to stripping off her panties and standing with one leg on the floor and the other leg on the bed. She leaned forward and humped the corner of the mattress, one side of her pussy lips on the side of the mattress and the other on top of the mattress. She slid up and pushed down on the edge of the bed, causing friction to build in her puki. It was nice at first but then the sensation waned as she got used to it. She stood up and approached the smooth wooden bed post and put her knees on either side. Her hot little cunt was already soaked and she noticed left a trail on the mattress where she had been humping it. Now she pressed her bare pussy against the wooden post and moved her hips in a circular motion, her clit rubbed the post and pushed and pulled in every direction as she rotated. Her pussy lips were on either side of the post and the wood contacted her inner puki meat right in the wet, slippery center. It felt amazing! She wished it was Arra using a dildo on her.

Now it was finally Friday, and both girls were so fucking unbelievably horny, like never before for both of them. In Chemistry, the two lad partners had their own table in the back. During the lecture portion, Ruby placed her hand on Arra's knee and began to caress it. Arra was nervous, but very anxious and aroused. Just sitting next to Ruby made her light-headed, seeing her beauty and smelling her light fragrance. Now Ruby stroked her left leg as the teacher droned on and on in front of the class. Soon, Ruby's hand was further up Arra's leg, under her uniform skirt and on her inner thigh. Arra had not worn shorts under her skirt as she sometimes did, making it easy for Ruby's fingers to finally find her pussy mound and stroke Arra's cameltoe over her panty. Arra thought her chest was going to burst! This was so fucking naughty in class! She glanced around but saw that nobody was looking their direction, they were all facing forward and daydreaming or listening to the teacher.

Ruby felt wetness in the center of Arra's white cotton panty, down below between her legs. Arra opened her legs slightly to give her friend better access. Then Arra slouched in her chair some and allowed Ruby's fingers to tresspass the left legband and enter her panty. She jumped slightly when Ruby touched her tinggil, and sighed when her fingers traced the opening to her femininity. The whole area was wet and slippery by now, a wet spot was even forming on the seat of the wooden chair. They couldn't stop now.

"And you see, NaCl is Na+1=sodium, and Cl-1=chloride so the chemical name is sodium chloride. Sodium is Na, which is a explosive metal, and Cl is a poisonous gas. But when combined, it makes sodium chloride, or salt, which is an ionic compound. It is nothing more than everyday table salt....... blah blah blah" 

Who the fuck cares, I have my fingers in this sweet girls wet little cunt!... Ruby thought.

Mmmmmmm... thought Arra. Her eyes were closed now, legs more than slightly opened and she stretched out as Ruby fingered her. Even as bold as Ruby is, she was beginning to think they have gone too far. Suddenly, Arra gasped as though she was hit in the stomach, and several classmates turned around. Arra jumped to her feet, Ruby's fingers popped out her panty and Arra ran to the door and exited. Teach finally stopped droning, his monotone trailing off as he said "What's going on back there?  Where did Miss Santiago go?"   Thinking quickly, Ruby said "She had to go, Sir... female troubles."   Enough said, Teach dropped the inquiry and announced it was time for the lab portion of the lesson.
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