Arra and Ruby - Chapter 2

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Arra and Ruby - Chapter 2       Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 2 -

The next morning was awkward. Arra woke up and left the bed. Ruby found her in the kitchen. Arra's mom offered her breakfast, and Ruby sat across the table from Arra, who would not look her in the eye. After breakfast, they went to Arra's room. Arra remained silent as Ruby gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up and change. She wished Arra was there to shower with her, but she wondered if Arra was already regretting what they had done. Returning to the bedroom, Arra was now her old self, pleasant, but acting like nothing had happened. Ruby thought they maybe she was just blocking it out. At least they were still friends. 

That week at school was the same as usual. Arra was open and friendly, but there was no talk of what happened. Finally Friday came and Ruby asked Arra to sleep over. She agreed, and arrived just before what was considered "dinner time" at her own house. Ruby ushered her in and Arra saw the place was a mess. They went into the kitchen and Ruby scrounged around for something to eat. Her mom was out and she hadn't seen her dad in a couple of days. The younger siblings were arguing in the other room. Finally Ruby gave up and suggested they go out. They took the jeep to the mall and happily loaded up on junk food from the food court. They walked around the mall a while and talked with some girls from school. They shot some CR selfies and just generally wasted the evening goofing around. Finally, they headed back to Ruby's house. They took the jeep and then the tricycle, and on the way Arra spilled an entire large coke in her lap.

Once inside, they went to Ruby's room, and Ruby offered her some fresh, dry panties. She opened the drawer and Arra looked to choose a pair. She was amazed by the selection, so many and so sexy... not like her plain cotton panties. She grabbed a pair of sexy slinky undies with leopard print, they were so out of character for her. "Here, I have a bra to go with those" Ruby handed the matching underwire push-up bra to her. Arra took it and headed to the bathroom, only to find it occupied by one the younger kids. She went back in the bedroom and peeled off her wet jeans and panty, turning her back to Ruby. Ruby sat on the bed and enjoyed the view, and felt her pussy getting wet. Arra donned the sexy panty, then crossed her arms and pulled her top up over her head, discarded it and unsnapped her bra and let it fall. She turned to face Ruby.

"Wow, you're gorg!"

"Really? I am?"

"Yeah, Arr... You really are! Your tits look amazing!"

"They're so small....."

"No, not really small, they're perfect for your frame..."

Arra beamed, feeling embarrassed but hot. She had never discussed these things, never heard those words about her body. It felt great, and she was proud that she was gorgeous and sexy. Ruby said she was going to change clothes too, she slowly and erotically stripped off her clothes right in front of her friend. Finally she was standing there in a matching purple satin panty and bra set. Arra stood there watching, feeling her tummy growl as she admired her friend's body. Now the two stood face-to-face in their underwear. Ruby suggested they pick out some shoes, and produced two pairs of heels which they strapped on and admired each other again.

Ruby retrieved a bottle of wine hidden in her closet, and they shared it while playing around, laughing and posing in their sexy lingerie. Soon they were both a little tipsy. Ruby dimmed the lights and they sat on the bed and watched a video of two Japanese girls making love. It wasn't long before they forgot the wine and the video and began kissing, a little more forcefully and needy than the previous weekend at Arra's house. Ruby sucked Arra's tongue and licked her neck then nibbled her ear. Arra went over the top as Ruby poked her tongue in her ear. Ruby was on top now, Arra's legs were spread as Ruby rubbed her pussy on Arra's mound. Ruby pushed Arra's bra straps off her shoulders and pulled the cups under her breasts, and Arra's pert little titties were exposed. She had light brown nipples, small in diameter and pointy. Ruby gripped them with her lips one at a time and pulled them into her mouth. Arra had a hold of Ruby's hair, her hands nestled in it as she pulled Ruby's face into her chest. After a time, Ruby rolled off and kissed Arra on her lips, as she wiggled her hand into Arra's panty. She felt a small patch of very soft pubes, then slid her hand lower and around the curve and felt the hot, slippery moisture as Arra moaned. Their tongues played as they kissed and Ruby felt Arra's lovely little puki. They made the moment last. Arra had never realized how sensitive her pussy was! It felt amazing. Her hands caressed Ruby's hot body as she kissed and got fingered by her friend.

At one point, Arra's hands found Ruby's bra clasp and she unhooked it, even while Ruby's fingers were stroking her tinggil and feeling the circumference of her puki hole. Ruby stopped long enough to discard the bra on the floor, and resumed rubbing Arra's pussy. Now Arra's panties were inconvenient and irrevalent, so Ruby slipped them off. She moved back on top and began to rub her crotch on Arra's bare pussy. While enjoying ... Read More »

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