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I was born in a condition known as Intersex. In the past, we were referred to as hermaphrodites. Contrary to what you  may think, we usually do NOT have full sets of male and female genitals. Most of us fall into the category of 'ambiguous genitalia', which is rare, but more common than most people know. In most cases, the doctors and parents decide what the gender of the Intersexed baby is, and perform the necessary surgery to make him/her as complete as possible. But... this involves a lot of assumption and the doctors aren't always right. This was especially true before the discovery of modern medical techniques.

I was one of those mistakes. In my parent's and doctor's defense, they tried to do the right thing. It just wasn't apparent what I was at birth. I resembled a boy more than a girl, so they closed my labia and "corrected" my urethra. My parents gave me a boy's name and dressed me as a boy. They gave me boy gifts and toys. And they hoped for the best.

Their plan worked well at first, at least they thought so. But me, I knew they were wrong. Around age 7 or 8, they started to wonder. By puberty, it was obvious. My shoulders remained narrow, my voice didn't drop, my hips widened, and I developed breasts. So that's it... I am a girl with a penis.

Finally, my mother relented and allowed me to wear girl's clothes and grow my hair. I was pretty! But things were not good in my  life. I received a lot of cruelty from other kids and even some adults. My own father was not pleased with me. He didn't understand that I am "wishing" to be a girl... I AM a girl! At school, I was teased by those who knew me formerly as a boy. They called me 'bakla' and I felt the sting of being rejected for who I am.

No one knew that I had "corrective" surgery at birth, it isn't something one goes around announcing. All they knew is that last school year I was a boy (although a feminine one) and now I am a girl. Personally, I was happy about it. I liked having curves, long hair, and pretty clothes and undies. I was crushed the first day of school when they teased me. I wanted to die.

I went home crying and told mama that I am never going back to school. And even people in the neighborhood have been shunning me and gossiping. She didn't take me serious until the next day when I absolutely refused to go. She gave up arguing and let me be. After a week, she realized something needed to be done.

They sent me to my Uncle's house in NCR. The idea was that no one there would know my past, and they would accept me as I am... a beautiful young lady. They did, and I was happy for a few more years. Then, something happened.... I got a boyfriend.

His name was Ramon and we fell for each other quickly. We courted briefly and then became a couple. We were attached at the hip, people rarely saw one of us without the other. We became confidantes and told each other everything. But there was one thing I held back. It was a small thing (jk lng) but it was a thing never the less. I just couldn't bring myself to tell him something so.... so... personal and ridiculous! It wasn't obvious to me that if he and I stayed together long enough, he was going to find out.

By this time, I had developed into a beautiful girl. I garnered looks and sometimes catcalls everywhere I went. I had a way of being cute and sexy at the same time, beautiful and hot. There was nothing male about me. Well... there was one thing, haha, but it was concealed.

Of course, Ramon found it.  We were together six months. Lately I was becoming terrified. I was in a position where it was now too late to tell him, I just couldn't do it. But I didn't want to lose him, so I just kept on. I rationalized it by thinking that he loves me so much that it won't matter.  We were alone in a private spot, making out, when he slid his hand up under my bra and felt up my 32As. I was half in heaven and half in hell. It felt so good! We had gone this far a couple of times already, and both times I made excuses and ran home. Both times I could see the disappointment on his face. I didn't want to see that again, so I remained in his embrace and let him have his way with me. But then he finally put his hand in my pants and felt. In a while, his hand was still and he stopped kissing me. Then he explored around to see if what he suspected was true. After all, I was still a little bit ambiguous, my dick was bigger than the typical clit, but smaller than the average dick. He felt underneath. Uhmmm.... no pussy. We lay there silently for a few minutes. I was dying inside. Then he withdrew his hand, got up, and straightened his clothes and hair, his back to me. I called his name, and he responded with "fuck you". Before he left, he did turn around to face me, and the expression on his face became imprinted on my mind. I will never forget it. I can't adequatley describe it, maybe you can imagine it.

As far as I know, he never told anyone. I guess it would be as embarrassing for him and it was for me. My secret was safe. But after a couple of years of happiness and normalcy, I was crushed once again. I fell into a deep depression and I hated myself. I vowed never to fall inlab again.

But the thing is, I enjoyed the feeling of being with a boy. I enjoyed his hands on me. I loved the attention and I loved being the object of desire. And I loved the feeling of lips on mine and hands on my little titties... and in my pants. So, I became a cum-guzzling slut.

Now out of high school, I wasn't limited to school or neighborhood contacts. I could do things that would stay anonymous. Even with little experience, I began to prey on guys by trapping them into sex with me. At first, I just gave blowjobs, and I did it for free. If any of my "victims" tried to feel my "pussy", I would stop them.  I'd tell them I was on my period or some other kind of excuse. And I would proceed to give them the best fucking oral sex they ever had. I would pick them up on the street, on the jeep, in jollibee, or wherever... have them take me somewhere relatively private, and let them fuck my mouth as long and as hard as they wanted. Sometimes I picked up two guys and took turns sucking and jacking them until they both cummed all over me.

I masturbated at night to the memory of what I had done that day. I had two types of orgasms; one purely mental and the other purely physical. I came to know them as my 'female' and 'male' orgasms. The first was triggered emotionally and the other came by stroking. They both feel fucking awesome, I can't say one is better than the other. And after a while it became apparent that my fantasy had a lot do with it. The first type came by making love and the second came from HARD FUCKING SEX!

It started with my finger, then fingers, then evolved into sitting on various objects and fucking myself. I'm not sure if I have a prostate in there or not, but it just feels so... great. The nerves there are so sensitive, and I loved the feeling of being stuffed. After the orgasm, when I pulled it out, the feeling of relief was incredible and the satisfaction remained for a long time. The feeling was like a drug. I decided I needed someone to fuck me, I needed to feel a man inside me.

On my first "fuck pickup", I wore a short, plaid schoolgirl skirt (ala Japan). I went as far as wearing the white blouse, a camisole (no bra), and the white socks. I picked up a guy outside of a bank, he looked like a businessman. We went into the alley and made out, then I extracted his cock and blew him. When he was good and hard, I pulled down my panty under my skirt, turned around, bent over and to avoid an accident, I took his cock and hand-guided him into my pre-lubed butthole. With my hands on the brick wall, he fucked the daylights out of me, thinking he was in my pussy! The skirt concealed his true location, but he didn't have his eyes open anyway. He was fucking my tight hole like there's no tomorrow, he fucked the living daylights out of me. I never had it so good! He blew a load into me and I felt it jet into my hot ass... and I loved it. I came also, the second type of orgasm, I shook like a man and got a shock in my dick and spine simultaneously. He pulled out, his dick still dripping, and he put it away. He was a sight, suit all wrinkled, hair messed up, sweaty, breathing heavily... haha. What a tool. He quickly left the alley and I straightened myself up. I was surprised to find a small load in my panty. It was the first time I had literally squirted during an orgasm! Up to that point, all my cums had been dry, powerful, but void of liquid. 

This went on for months, me picking up strangers and blowing and/or fucking them. Sometimes it would be semi-public, like the alley... and sometimes it would be in a hotel room. A few times, it was in outright public... the park or in a car.

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