Amateur Night At A Strip Club

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By: pinkpocket

This adventure occurred years before we got into swinging; looking back, this may have been the beginning of our swinging.

On a road trip, my boyfriend and I discovered a classy looking strip bar. We went in. I was dressed in black: a low-cut satin top with lace bra, leather miniskirt (no panties), stockings, garter belt, and heels. He was in dark colored, full cut slacks (bulky enough to hide a hard-on; no underwear), and short sleeve shirt. We were pleasantly surprised: it was well lit, tastefully decorated, smelled clean, and had a nicely-dressed clientele of including some women. There were three dancing stages and perhaps 8 or 10 girls doing table dances.

We were ushered to a booth by a handsome, hunky guy - on the side of the main stage. Our very hot sexy waitress, in a gold sequin bra, G-string and heels, took our order and I immediately turned my attention to the dancer on stage about 8 feet from us. I had never been in a nude strip bar before. As each stripper did her routine, I got hotter and hornier. I found, much to my amazement, that I looked forward to the part of each routine where the girls exposed their pussies. Some even played with their outer lips a bit. I kept telling my boyfriend how I could improve on the dance routine, use her positions for fucking, and/or note the best moves for our own use. With this kind of conversation going on, my boyfriend inched a hand down to caress my right breast, then his other hand inches up my skirt to play with my slit. Soon I unzip his pants and snaked my hand in to stroke his rapidly hardening cock.

Our action did not go unnoticed. As each dancer noticed us they would pay more attention to our booth and their dance moves get more and more sexy. This, of course lead us to engage in more open play. Quite a few dancers asked if we wanted a table dance, with sexy grins. I was getting so horny and wett, but we turned them all down until one that we had observed with very unique moves and an especially sexy costume. She really went all out with her striptease down to just her platform heels. We kept commenting about her body, her moves and our arousal. We got even bolder with our play: my skirt was up and barely exposing my pussy my fingers were all over it (sometimes my boyfriend's); my tits exposed, and his erection out and being stroked when I wasn't fingering myself. The dancer, of course, made all kinds of comments back and played a little bit with my tits. I was VERY disappointed that she didn't invite me to play with hers or go any farther with her hands on me. By the end of the dance we were quite sweaty! As she collected her fee, she gave both of us a kiss and told us to come back the next night.

We soon learned that the next night was an amateur night with a $2,000 first prize. Our dancer looked me straight in the eye and said she just knew I was sexy enough to win. After she left, I discovered that my pussy juices had soaked the booth and were flowing down my thighs. Of course my boyfriend had had a full erection for over an hour. With great difficulty I hiked my skirt up even higher and sat sideways on his lap. He slumped down slightly and I lifted my leg high on his belly. He was able to put about half of his cock into me. But neither of us could move without his cock slipping out. Finally we supplemented our shallow fucking with manual stimulation. The dancers loved our show as well as a few near-by patrons the female half of one couple had her finger inside her cunt while jerking off her guy; eyes locked on us. We smiled back. After a couple more dances, I felt his cock swell and stiffen even more. Thinking about what was happening and watching a stripper spread her pussy lips right in front of me I came moments before he did.

After a couple more songs we regained our composure, straightened our clothes, and got up to leave. Two of the dancers that watched us fuck intercepted us near the door. They said that very seldom did they get to watch a sexy show. Again, they invited me back for the amateur night.

Back at our motel, we got naked and jumped on the bed for a really sweaty, hot fuck, all the while trying positions learned at the club and talking about the hot strippers. When we were finished, I broached the subject first. I wanted to stay over and enter the amateur contest. I really didn't have to talk him into it.

The next day was spent choreographing the dance. We had a CD with some very sexy music. As we continued to choreograph, the sexiest moves from last night came back and we started inventing more. This took quite a bit of time since we were getting horny and would get distracted with oral and manual play and a little fucking.

I wanted to go shopping for sexy, revealing stripper clothes but my boyfriend thought a blue outfit that I already had would be perfect with modifications. We got dressed and made a quick run to a near-by fabric store for alteration materials. Back in the motel and suitably undressed for choreographing, we got to work making clothes into a stripper costume. Velcro and a little additional satin converted a bra into a hot 1/3 cup demi-bra with revealing tear-away tops on the cups; strategic Velcro additions to other garments made them easier to remove for a strip show.

I was really getting into this and wanted it to be as nasty as possible (the amateur show did not allow full nudity). I was going to start off in a blue sheath mini that we stitched/velcroed together and the same black top (with Velcro alterations) from the night before. At the end of the dance, would end up in the 1/3 cup bra, modified micro G-string, stockings, and heels; and a gold necklace. While trying this all on, I noticed that the G-string was so micro that a bit of my landing strip was exposed. That would not do, so I went to shave. As I'm sitting on the vanity, my boyfriend comes in and offers to do the shaving, which I always love and always leads to sex. So we have one last fuck before leaving for the club, to put that just fucked... glow on. My boyfriend cums on my mound because we don't have time to shower.

When we registered at the club, we found that a dozen other girls had registered and I would be third from the last. The other girls ranged in age from 18 to early 30s (I was 26 at the time). As a scooped out the competition, I got a bit nervous looking at some of the younger girls a couple of them were very hot. We sat in the same booth from last night and the regular dancers recognized us. Some came over and gave me hugs and words of support. Some of my nervousness faded.

The contest didn't start for about an hour, so we enjoyed the show and kind of lapsed back into our sexy behavior from the night before without actually exposing anything. By the time the contest started, I was hot, horny and smelling of sex.

The first four contestants were un-imaginative they did basic bump and grind stuff that could be done to any music with no aesthetic loss, while they discarded blouse, skirt, and bra (to regular panties), as if they were undressing at home. But they were cute with nice figures, so the guys give them nice rounds of applause. The fifth dancer was about my age and may have been a dancer from another strip club, judging from her costume and her ease with the audience. But she came across as slightly professionally bored, even though she had sense enough to dance to the edge of the stage and look the audience right in the eyes. She got a few tips in her G-string, and a pretty good round of applause. The next three dancers provided some serious competition. They were obvious amateurs but had given some thought to their clothing, and two had some very sexy moves. As each one got into her number and loosened up, she played to the audience well, and each stripped her clothing rather than just taking it off. Each drew good tips and applause. But they only had one outer layer of clothing to strip off.

The final contestant before I went on was one of the really hot younger girls and was really quite athletic and sensual at the same time. She drew good tips and applause. I had been discussing each dancer with my boyfriend and really got into this dancer she had a great figure, hard, prominent nipples and very sexy moves. She made a lot of eye contact with me, also. I got very horny watching her and almost forgot that I went on next.

My nervousness was gone and I started my dance perfectly, radiating as much sexuality as if I were alone in a bedroom with my sexy boyfriend. I played the audience with suggestive thrusts, winks, wetting lips, tongue to tits, etc. When I took off my top - by ripping the (Velcro) seems apart - just as the music hit a crescendo the move got a loud round of applause. I then started playing with the hemline of my mini skirt - hiking it just enough to expose the bright satin gusset of the panties. I demurely inched the mini down from my waist. When the top elastic was about even with my mound, I danced over to my boyfriend and let him rip it off via the Velcro, then grabbed his head and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. The audience roared. I then danced back to mid-stage playing with my bra, garter belt and panties, shifting them around, giving hints.

On a whim, I deviated from my plan. I was going to remove the top 2/3's of the bra cups and tear off the first layer of panties. Instead, I moved to front center stage and motioned to the guy sitting there to stand up. When he did, I leaned over, took his hand and moved it under the side of the panties. I told him to pull. The Velcro gave way and I danced backward, ripping the other side free. There was a gasp from the audience and probably a second or more went by before they really realized that I still had a G-string on. Then they went wild. Applause and catcalls. Tips started flying onto the stage; all around the stage guys were waiving me over to place tips in my G-string and bra. Choreography went out the window at this point. One guy put a $5-bill in my G-string so I took both of his hands and placed them on my tits and guided him to the tear-away top panels. I had to make him tighten his fingers over the tops, then dropped my hands. Just as he started to regain some composure, I moved backwards and the panels tore away, leaving him with two hands full of satin and lace and a silly grin on his face. Again the audience went wild. More tips, applause and catcalls.

The next guy waived a $10 bill. I cupped my boobs and thrust forward to bury his face between them. I held there for a few moments, rubbing back and forth and tweaking my nipples to make them harder, just a scant inch from his mouth. I then had him remove what was left of the bra. I gathered a few more tips then another guy had a $10. I grabbed his face and ground it into my scantly covered and very wett pussy. I kept holding his face there while I ground back and forth; I am sure he got a big whiff of my pussy honey. I think he licked my crotch.

For the next guy with a tip, I guided his hands across my thighs, up the stockings to the garter belt. Teasing, I guided one hand slowly towards the front. I'll bet he was thinking the he would get to pull on the G-string. But I wrapped his fingers around the front of the garter belt. I gyrated next to his face for a second or two before telling him to pull. He took home a souvenir satin garter belt and the crowd went wild again.

I am probably in an even more wild state than the crowd. The next guy had another $10 tip, so you bent over and whispered explicit instructions on how to remove the G-string. I straighten up, danced to the back of the stage and removed all the tips from the G-string and stocking tops, then dance back to him. For a moment I played with my crotch, then lift my leg high and wide. On cue he grabbed both sides of the G-sting, just forward of the Velcro, as instructed. We had timed it just right the music ended. The crowd sensed that there was more to come this guy had his hands tightly on my G-string, for goodness sake. The club was silent.

As instructed, he held on as I gyrated from side to side, then whispered now... and he jerked both hands forward, holding on to the sides of the G-string. The crowd is again dumbfounded for seconds then realized that I still had on an even smaller blue satin G-string! With all the dancing and excitement, this narrow line of elastic-covered satin has nestled in between my lips it may as well not even be there! OMG, the crowd goes absolutely apoplexic!

I had no idea what was going to happen next the DJ just let the next song on my CD start playing. So, I started dancing to it! Tips were everywhere. I dropped on to the stage and started doing the pussy-revealing moves that the naked dancers do. While still on the floor I invited a couple of guys to peel off the stockings, which they do very slowly so they can get good views of my snatch. I then put my heels back on and stand up. The first guy that gave me a $10 now is waving a $20. I danced over to him, pulled the elastic out from between my pussy lips so he could put the tip right in front. His fingers brushed against my clit as he did and a big shudder ran through me.

The crowd was wild. The song had less than a minute left and I'd been teasing by pulling one side of the G-string down, then the other. I knew the next move was not permitted for amateur night; I'd probably broken the rules already, anyway. I was so horny and excited I didn't care. I turned my back to the audience and slowly stripped the G-string away to thunderous applause. When I turned back to the audience I threw the G-string into the audience just as the music ended. And got a standing ovation.

One of the regular dancers helped me gather up the tips, which almost equaled the first prize. The applause continued until I reached my seat next to my boyfriend.

There were still three girls to go. I was supposed to end up in bra, G-string and stockings, not naked. Well, everyone has seen me naked, anyway. My boyfriend was going to offer his shirt to me, but I figured what the heck! Guys start coming by our table asking for autographs, especially those that caught my clothing. I really enjoyed their stares as I signed various items for them and flirted shamelessly. I'll just bet that the last three contestants were quite upset, but I didn't care. Actually I think they were a bit intimidated by my dance, at least my boyfriend said that it appeared they had nothing prepared more than a simple strip. I guess one girl tried to play a little peek-a-boo with her French-cut panties. The crowd urged her on, but she chickened out.

Finally the judges call four of us back to the stage for final judging. The other three had put their clothes back on, but as I approached the stage still naked, two quickly decide to strip down to their panties. I still don't know if the manager would pull me aside for breaking the rules, and still don't care. Anyway, the crowd judged me as the winner, no contest. Your stage presence, naked as you are, is very professional - just as if you were dressed in front of a civic club. Finally as I'm going back to my seat the manager remarked that amateurs aren't allowed to be naked, so please put some clothes on. One of the regular dancers handed her robe to me.

I am so fucking horny that I dr*ped the robe across my arm, went up to my boyfriend, pulled him up out of the seat and give him a full body hug and deep kiss as everyone watched and whistled. When we finally left, we got no farther than the car before I unbuckled his pants, pulled them down and started sucking his cock. We got inside and I climbed right on top of him. As we fucked away, patrons were filing out of the club, and got another eye full. I came so many times and so hard!

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