The Banker Part 2

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Date: March 15, 2019 (6 months ago)

The Banker..Part Two

Next the Great weekend

by: Willam-Alexander

Gone is my "preferred teller" KJ.. It bothers me alot that i was being used and i dont know the grand scheme of things here..

Fuck that video..natatandaan ko pa yun.. I remembered another encounter.. a night going in a party, it was the 18th birthday of my BFF back in college.. I drunk too much..

Kristine: "I got to go home or my parents will kill me".. as i take my leave, my friends are all dead drunk, hindi na sila makagulapay.

My BFF is one of the hottest from our school, she was tagged as one of the "Crush ng Bayan" from the FHM magazine, GF of the Month..the name is "Anica"..short blonde hair, big boobs and flawless skin with 5'7 in height.. she is a beauty queen material even if we are still in college.. Boys go GAGA about us walking the corridor outside our school.

Kristine: Anica.. i have to go home..hik...kjhik.. i insisted...

Anica: You cant go home like that Kristine...

Hey Anica what's wrong???.. Hi Tito Bogs..My friend here Tine wants to go home..but look at her..totally wasted!

Tito Bogs: Well,. we're about to go home too, do you mind if we take care of your friend Anica? : Tito Bogs replied with a cute smile...

Kristine: I have to go home Anica, please.. i insisted..

Anica: We'll let Tito Bogs take care of you...

.. and yes they really took care of me

The whole Damn thing happened.. I thought that i was dreaming when i see Tito Bogs, already taking a slurp on my boobs and cupping the other one with his right hand.. my upper body was already exposed and i remember Tito Bogs should be the one driving... Shit.. he was accompanied by another guy, it was Anica's older cousin Jerry a married guy who is now driving while starring at me being devoured by Tito Bogs...

My legs are now exposed, i only have my lifted skirt.. my panties gone...i remembered Tito Bogs "thing" forcefully thrusted through my cunt.. napahiyaw ako a non... "oooowwwww...stop..please..stop"... Sinususo at pinapasok ako ng Tito ng best friend ko and his son will surely take his turn... i will really get it this time..

It happens so fast that Tito Bogs doing me doggy style and i can't recall where the hell are we???.. nakahinto na yung car and while tito Bogs slamming me from behind Jerry comes around and started stripping naked in front of me. Si Jerry naman ngayun ang sumususo at nilalamutak yung boobs ko sa kaliwa...Hindi na sya nakapagpigil sakin at humahalik sa buong katawan ko, tuloy-tuloy lang sa pagbayo si Tito Bogs mula sa likod.,,,

Suddenly hindi na nakapagpigil si Tito Bogs, he whispered na "lalabasan na ako"... and to think na i was wasted that time nasabi ko pa na "wag po sa loob"...i know na pwede ako mabuntis since our biology professor is kinda pervert during our class and explain what "sex" is all about... "ang sarap mo Kristine..ayan na ako" hiyaw ni Tito Bogs.. bigla naman nya hinugot at ipinutok ang tamod sa likod ko.

Tumayo sya at inalalayan ako na pumatong sa anak nya.."Anak, bilisan mo baka hinahanap na tayo sa bahay"...

Back to reality, We will have a long weekend due to some holidays, but before i got too excited since we are planning to go to Boracay, something pop-up in my computer...
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