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  • My Favorite Thunder - River
    Submitted by: wettpuss00
    Have you ever had a feeling with someone that no matter how hard you tried to bury it in the ground it will always comeback to life? Dinaig pa yung multo. Well anyways, I know how that it feels and believe me it isn’t easy to just throw it away. And this is all about it. Sit, eat popcorn or pizza ...
  • With My Boyfriend's Friend
    Submitted by: maria0401
    Once again, Maria here or Iya, 25 years old and in an open relationship with my boyfriend. I have another story for all of you. Sa kadahilaang hango sa totoong buhay ang kwento ko na 'to, binago ko ang pangalan ng mga taong involved.-----This happened on May 2017, get together ng barkada ng boyfrien...
  • Daphne 14
    Submitted by: Alexander21
    Daphne(CHAPTER 14 full)William "Alex" JorgeThe difference between fantasy and reality is as fundamental as the difference between what is wrong and what is right - mula sa isang manunulat sa literotica.Sa Airport..naghihintay ang isang lalake sa Cafe'."Mang Ambo?? Papunta na ba kayo dito" wika ni Mr...
  • Ang Kabet ni Chief part 1
    Submitted by: trafa_guy23
    Paalala lahat po ng character at mga pangyayari sa kwentong ito ay pawang ilusyon lamang. Medyo may kahalayan rin ito kaya kung di mo trip ang ganoong kwento wag na ituloy ang pagbabasa. Salamat po-------"puta jackpot talaga ako sayo maria! Ako pala talaga ang nakauna sa puke mong matamis. Kaya pala...
  • Girl Scout Cookies
    Submitted by: webmaster
    This is the time of year when the Girl Scouts have their cookie drive, and my wife had ordered some (as usual - she's always spending money on "worthy causes"). On Saturday, the wife and kids went into town to do some shopping and she said they'd be gone 'till after suppertime,...
  • College Girl Ivy Part 15
    Submitted by: Yes_Man
    College Girl Ivy Part 15By Yes Man"Balut!!! Manong!!! Balut!!!" pasigaw na tawag ni Ivy sa lalakeng naglalako ng balut. Nakalampas na nang dalawang bahay ang tindero ng balut, kaya kailangan pang lumabas ni Ivy sa kanilang gate.Lumingo naman ang lalake sa direksiyon ng boses ni Ivy at mabilis itong ...
  • Vacation Does Not Count Chapter 2, "“The Hotel”"
    Submitted by: webmaster
    The next day, we caught a short island-hopping flight to our next port-of-call. It was the opposite of our little cottage. This time, we were staying at a very posh, high-rise resort hotel. After checking out the view from our room, which overlooked the huge pool, Sondra unpacked, stripped and do...
  • Carmelita's Free Hosted Gallery
    Submitted by: webmaster
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  • Sa Uulitin
    Submitted by: MidLifeCrisis
    Him: I am having a hard on, MLC... How I wish you can hold it and play with it.. How I wish you can lick and suck it... How I wish I can cum all over your body...How I wish you can enjoy my hardness...Me: Wishes sometimes do come true if you really believe that they will. I'm sorry if I am giving yo...
  • We've Been Caught Part 1
    Submitted by: Thenightowl
    First of all, this is a real story of my own experiences way back 2011-2013. Second, papalitan ko po ang mga pangalan ng characters sa story ko for identity purposes. Third, if something is wrong with it, feel free to pm me. Ayun lang. Sana'y inyong magustuhan. We've been caught part 1 Ako si Caroli...