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Sex In Vehicle: Manila To Subic Trip

Submitted by camille22 on February 6, 2019 (9 days ago)
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Author's Note: Sorry for the late update. Been busy with other tasks. But here it is a follow up story. Enjoy!

I woke up at around 12. I was alone in the room, naked. I don't know where Danny and Kat went. I saw my clothes from last night folded on the chair. I remembered what happened early morning. The scene sa club and how Kat and Danny fuck me. Lumabas ako sa sala and I saw Danny having coffee and reading papers. He said good morning and told me that Kat went home na. They woke an hour ahead of me and they don't want to disturb me. He invited me to have brunch with him, I requested for ham, bacon and eggs with bread and coffee. He took the phone and ordered some food from the hotel resto. He told me food will be ready in 25 minutes and I took the opportunity to take a shower before having brunch.

I showered, cleaned myself well and went out. Danny gave me his polo shirt to wear. I did not button it giving him a peek of my nipples and pussy, what the heck, thi...
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One Of A Kind Outdoor Experience

Submitted by bikerider on February 6, 2019 (10 days ago)
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Mga ka FSS good day po sa inyong lahat. Gusto ko lang pong ibahagi sa inyo ang kakaibang kwento ko pong eto. I hope magustuhan po ninyo guys.

Isang hapon habang nag hahanda para lumabas dahil uwian na sa work, nag ring ang telepono sa desk nang aming Operation's Superintendentna si Mr. R.P.

Since ako na lang ang isang naiwan, minabuti ko na la na sagutin sa pag-aakalang emergency ang nature nang call.

Si Ms. Jenny daw pala ang nasa kabilang linya, gustong kausapin ang supervisor namin na si Mr. R.P.

Caller: "This is Jenny, I want to speak with Mr. R.P. please?"

Me: "Sorry po Ms. Jenny, nakalabas na po si Mr. R.P. 10 minutes ago lang po"

Caller: "May I know who's on the line please" (I can sense an irritated voice in the other line)

Me: "This is Neil po Ms. Jenny, do you have any message po for Mr. R.P. po?"

Caller: "Neil, are you sure po na nakaalis na si Mr. R.P. diyan sa office ninyo?"

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Sgt. Duphraim (Ang Karma Ni Karmi P3)

Submitted by reypeace on February 6, 2019 (10 days ago)
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"What do we have here?" Ang tanong ng bagong dating na lalaki.

"Monsieur! Please call the police this man has kidnapped and raped us!" Sagot ni Karmi.

Napatingin ang drayber sa kanyang likuran ng marinig niya si Karmi. Napansin din siya ng bagong dating na lalaki at tinignan ito.

"Don't worry mademoiselle, I am the police." Ang sabi nito kay Karmi.

"Oh thank God! Please Monsieur! Arrest that man! He raped and degraded us!" Sagot ni Karmi sabay hagulgol ng iyak.

"Is this true?" Tanong ng lalaki sa drayber.

"Oui, it is true. They are mine, I own them."

"Is it now? Gaston? You own them you say?" Dagdag ng lalaki.

"Yes, Sgt. Duphraim, they are mine, is there anything I can do for you anyway?" Sagot ng drayber na pangalan pala ay Gaston.

"No not at all Gaston, as a matter of fact, I love your work, you always find me the best girls." Pagtatapos ni Sgt. Duphraim, atsaka nito kinamayan si Gaston...
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The Surprise
By: Balderic

Bakit ba kailangan ng pusong magmahal? Simula nang ipanganak ka, huhubugin mo ang buong buhay mo para mahanap ang tunay na pagmamahal. Ito ang katanungan ng buhay ko. At ito rin ang naging hamon ng buhay ko.

Ako nga pala si Sheena, isang pharmacist. Nagkaroon ako ng nobyo na isang seaman. Si Chad, ang nobyo ko na minahal ako ng tunay. Sabi nila mga manloloko raw at babaero ang mga seaman. Pero iba si Chad. Ibang iba sya. Bread winner sya ng pamilya nya. Malambing at higid sa lahat nirerespeto nya ako. Mag aapat na taon na kaming magnobyo at ni isang beses ay wala pang nangyayari sa amin. Napapa isip nga ako minsan baka closet gay si Chad. Pero hinde eh. Talagang taos sa puso nya ang pangako nya sa akin na mamahalin nya ako tulad ng pagmamahal nya sa ina nya. Ginagalang at nirerespeto. Perfect guy ba sya? Sa palagay ko hinde. Mabarkada ako nung college years ko. Unlike Chad who is a couch hermit. He...
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Jeepney 2

Submitted by koleidoscopeworld on February 6, 2019 (10 days ago)
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"So tell me something, your edge to all the applicants who applied to us to convince me to hire you?"

isang seyosong tanong sa akin nang interviewer ko noon, siya ang Account Manager nang company na yun, and nakakaintimidate siya kasi kung makatingin siya eh so damn serious at akala mo kakainin ka nang buhay kasi ang laki niyang damulag.

"Well I do believe that my edge against all the applicants here aside from being harworking, and patient, I am a fast learner as well so you won't be needing to spend much time on my training, I do also have a good communication skills as well which one requirment on this particular job, and the my last weapon would be my flexibility, I am able to work on shifting sched and since I am used to be awake from evening to morning, working on a night shift won't be a problem to me.

"Why should we hire you then?"

"Because I do believe that every chair in your campany fits on me"

di ko alam kung tama yung...
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Submitted by koleidoscopeworld on February 6, 2019 (10 days ago)
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Hi this is my favorite story of time..hindi akin to...ang author po nito ay si el nunal..
sana magustuhan nyo...

Part 1
I would like to share a story about a girl, no wait, a woman, who once been part of my life, and her name is Jamaica.Jamaica is 6 years older that time, she works as a massage therapist by day and a club singer at night. Wala naman siyang asawa or anak na binubuhay that time, pero meron na siya ka livein that time. I met her sa isang event held at Eastwood that time. Kung titignan mo kasi siya, wala sa mukha nya ang tanda o agwat nang edad nya sa amin kasi she had a "Baby Face" and her height as well is ain't that tall, mga 5'5 lang siya so halos kilay ko lang siya. That night she was singing "It only reminds me of you" and her version is sang much better that the original, her voice was like an angel to me, talagang yung mga nasa naglalakad noon time na yun eh tumigil for a while to listen to her song. After singing lahat nang tao eh nagpalakpaka...
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Working Girl Sonnette Part 7

Submitted by Yes_Man on February 5, 2019 (11 days ago)
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Working Girl Sonnette Part 7
by Yes Man

Addict talaga sa iphone itong si Dharlene. Kahit saan basta may pagkakataon ay laging nakalabas ang kanyang iphone. Sa Fx, bus o MRT, basta tingin nya ay safe ang kanyang pwesto sa mga snatcher ay lagi itong nakalabas. Facebook at twitter, parehong meron siyang account. Dagdag pa na meron siyang gwapo na manliligaw ngayon, palagi naka-check sa iphone kung meron pumasok na txt message na hindi niya narinig.

Pababa ngayon ng MRT si Dharlene at kapapasok lang niya ng kanyang iphone sa kanyang bag. Suot ni Dharlene ay beige mini-skirt at white sleeveless blouse. Kailangan pang sumakay ni Dharlene ng FX para makarating sa kanilang bahay kaya patungo siya ngayon sa pilahan nito.

Nangingiti pa si Dharlene habang naglalakad dahil laman ng kanyang isip ang kanyang gwapo na manliligaw nang biglang may umakbay sa dalaga.

"Relax ka lang miss kung ayaw mong masaktan" boses ng i...
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Affliction - 5

Submitted by DuraLexSedLex on February 5, 2019 (11 days ago)
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The situation was only getting worse. For days, Adam had been trying to make me talk but I just closed off. I didn't want to address the issue because I was embarrassed about telling him how jealous I actually was about this girl he used to date—whom he loved so much that he actually considered marrying her.

Suddenly, I wanted to know everything about them. Why did they break-up? How did they meet? Was he still in love with her?

I had all these questions inside my head! I felt like exploding!

But I knew Adam could only take so much pushing away. Because on the 7th day, he didn't even try to engage me over breakfast. He just ate his food and told me he'd be going.

And then he was gone.

I felt really guilty. He didn't do anything wrong. Did he? He just arrived late at the party, had dinner with thealmostMrs. Walton, and forgot to inform me that he's still close to her.

There was no reason for me to feel upset....
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Affliction - 4

Submitted by DuraLexSedLex on February 5, 2019 (11 days ago)
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"Do you need help? I can send someone to—"

I motioned Adam to stop talking. I was so swamped! Never had I felt so alive for so long! For months, all I did was volunteer at the library. It was fun, alright. But that wasn't my scene… Well, organizing a party wasn't, either. But here, I felt the pressure. And Isomissed that!

I missed the pressure. The anxiety. Everything! God, I felt so alive!

"Seriously, I'm fine, Adam," I reassured him.

"You sure?" he asked, reluctant. He looked around and there were number of people moving in the things I ordered for the party tonight. It was the first party that I organized so I had to go extra mile to make sure that this didn't fail.

I was Bree Johnson, still. And failing wasn't a part of my description.

'Well, except for getting pregnant,'a small part of my brain whispered. But I quickly shook the thought away. I didn't need to worry because Adam assured me that...
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Mr. T-Bird

Submitted by Vaga_Bond on February 5, 2019 (11 days ago)
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Mr. T-Bird

NOTE: Ang istoryang ito ay mula sa magulong pag-iisip ng isang tomboy na binigyang buhay lamang para malinawan kung ano ba talaga ang kanilang pakiramdam sa gitna ng pagtatalik sa kapwa babae at sa lalaki. Ano nga ba ang mas masarap???

Hello! Just call me Mr. T-Bird. Im a lesbian by the way. Gusto ko lng share yung sexperience with my brother in law. Although walang sexual intercourse na ngyari sa amin pero nasarapin din ako bandang huli sa ginawa nmin.

It was happened a month ago pa, sa bahay kc madalas nka plain shirt lng ako, braless at maigsi na short na maluwag ang laylayan ang madalas ko suot. In addition to that, favourite ko rin isuot na undies yung maluwag ang garter sa bewang at singit para presko sa pakiramdam. As you all know, maputi po ako at makinis ang kutis ko, di po ako ka2lad ng ibang lesbian n mukang lalaki na ang itsura. Although boy ang get-up ko palagi pero mahahalata nyo agad ang pagkababae ko, at sexy din po ang body k...
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