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Sister Takes Me In

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I am a professional in Delhi and married. Last year I was on a official tour to Pune, where my sister and her family live. But I stayed in a hotel as my work place was on the other end of the town. I was busy in meetings the first day, but was able to get free by 12 noon next day and had meeting only next day morning so I planned to visit my sister.

It was rather sudden when I reached her home and rang the bell. My sis was not expecting me. She was in her leotard with some sweat at the right places exposing her special places. "Oh, its you Ram, I was not expecting you and was exercising when you rang the bell." "I was free for the day so, didi, I thought I may pay you the visit."

My sister in her late 50s is rather dusky, 5'2", plump but not fat. But she is well endowed in 2 places I like women to have fat. Her breasts are 38 D and ass is 40". Oh, ample girth but shaped to pop out eyes of even teenagers. The tight leotard...
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It Started Years Ago

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The last time I saw Michelle was ten years ago. She was a junior in high school, I was a fresh out of college- my first job, teaching a high school history class. She was a pretty little thing, like a lot of high school girls. Her senior year we spent time a lunch talking about stuff, but then so did a lot of kids. My room was like a lunch room. When she got married, she invited me to the wedding and when I married the speech teacher, Michelle was invited. We ran into each other at the wedding reception of one of the lunch group kids. We hadn't seen each other for a decade but when we talked, it was like old times.

We talked about life and love, where we were in life. I always thought she was cute but under-aged girls isn't my thing ...and the speech teacher was (still is) amazingly hot. So I was caught off guard when she said that she had a crush on me "back in the day". I didn't know what to say so I just left it alone. She told me that she would...
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Our First Swing Encounter

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This is a true story of my ex-wife and our first swing encounter.

It happened around 1992. I was in the military and Ted, a co-worker of mine, became my best friend. He was older than I by about 20 years but his wife Kim only by about 10 older and had a great figure, 36C breasts with very pink nipples and she was awesome to look at. She also had very white and soft skin.

It all started when at a party where she told me she wanted to suck my cock and then I knew what Ted told me was true and it would be OK with Kim. He had been telling me she wanted me for a while. No doubt now.

I then visited her once alone and then 2x with him watching from the doorway, I felt comfortable now with them and was ready to see if my wife Sherry wanted to have some fun too. We were all good friends so it was not too much of a stretch to say what was going to happen would have anyway.

Sherry was 24, a 5'4" brunette with 34B tits and had a...
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Greek Island Cuckold Story

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When we get out of the room, I was already drunk and wet. The whole time we were drinking on the porch he has been teasing me. Whenever my husband slaps my butt or tickles my nipples, he turns me on. We left the room after midnight and starting walking on the "Club Street". It gives me a pleasure to walk wit my husband while I am wearing a little tiny skirt. He usually slaps my butt and lifts my skirt up. I know he wants to show others what he will be fucking tonight.

We walked for a while, had some more drinks and then went into a club where people were dancing like crazy. My husband and I started dancing. My hands were all over his body and he was getting hard. I could feel his penis rubbing on my leg. I decided to tease him so I turned around and started rubbing my butt on his penis. He was all the way hard. Ready for me!. He hugged me and pushed my body against his. I could feel his breath on my neck. He kissed my neck and moved hi...
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My First Time With Another Guy

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My story begins while my wife and I were on a week vacation in Hawaii. We were staying at a very nice resort that had a beautiful pool. Since this was our 3rd trip to Maui, we spent most of our time at the pool instead of doing the usual tourist trips that we had already did a couple of times. Our trips to the pool became a routine, getting there around noon and staying till about 5 pm. Since we were there regularly we started to chat with other guests and became friendly with several folks around the pool. One couple in particular stood out in that they were a couple of guys, obviously involved with each other, and we soon figured that they were a gay couple. One of the guys was around my age, very attractive and fit. He looked very striking in his tight bathing suit. His partner was older and more reserved. We never spoke to each other but occasionally I would catch his eye and he would smile. It got to where him and I would play cat and mouse to catch each others eye as we lounged a...
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Having Sex With Another Mans Wife

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I have sex with married women, and I do so fairly often! But please don't get the wrong impression: I am NOT some Casanova, or a Lothario. I do NOT believe in helping a woman cheat on her husband, and I do NOT condone unfaithfulness. No, when I have sex with a married woman, it is with the full knowledge and approval, and often times at the URGING of her husband. The husband is nearly always present while I have sex with his wife, and often times he joins in to make it a threesome. It is a role I have found I enjoy immensely, and to my delight and amazement, I seem to be quite popular as an "extra man." I am not quite sure why (though I have some ideas), but I am grateful for my good fortune!

So when I was contacted by a husband back in October, asking for me to pleasure his wife, it was not something terribly unusual for me, but as always, it was still quite flattering! As we communicated (initially via email), he revealed that he was in his 40's, but...
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New Boss

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Hi Judy here, i thought i would share my story with you, Im 32 divorce for a few years. Still looking pretty good to ,if i say so. 5ft 6 134# long brown hair and eyes, I carry around 38c that still look pretty good.

Well i work for this company for a few years, My boss took care of all the travel stuff and setting thing up and all the money and bills . Well she got a new boss that was over her and a few others, He wasn't there long and he fired a few people, One of those people was my boss. I never heard why she was fired. We had the big event coming up and he told me to take thing over and set things up, and if i did a good job i mite get her job. Well i help her but never did it, So i was a bit stess out with it. But her pay was 3 times mine and i was trying to buy this house. So this would work out really well for me. So i had to go with all our people to this event. Its was nuts and I'm doing rooms and take care of all the stuff with it and trying to keep up...
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Feeling Like A Rock Star

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Ok now i can relax n cross one off my bucket list n add a notch to my top ten all time hot list. This gal has been my #1 fantasy girl for the last 6 years. First i was married...

Then i met her but never saw a hubby. But he's around at times..travels a lot too....wonder if he cheats. Does she? Will she with me? Didn't seem likely...they act in love. I have flirted n she has some....

Background...was into her 1st time i saw her...at kids' ortho appts. Lu kily our kids' were on same schedule n i took kids cuz i got off work earlier. She had nice fitted jeans over short..athletic legs...t-shirts n tops not low...but tight. Flat tummy n rockin tits. Medium brown curls...light blue eyes...pouty lips n high cheekbones. Nose almost too big but not for me...roman nose with bump in middle of straight point. Tan...nails...taking good care. Seemed uppity n bitchy. Never met her.

One day after i split up with wife...im out with buds n there she...
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First Threesome, Pt 1

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Long before the wife and I got into swinging we had an experience that perhaps set the stage for us. We were a young couple with a small child and two intense careers. We had determined that help was needed and we hired a nanny named Abelia who we nicknamed Abby. She was originally from Brazil and had great references having worked in the Brazilian consulate for a diplomat's family. Her duites, besides child care was to do some light cleaning and help out when needed.

We had a small dinner party and Abby stayed to help serve. Everything went well and people went home when a nasty storm started to role in. On the news it said to remain off the roads as a precaution, so instead of taking Abby home we set her up in a spare bedroom and Arianna, my wife, lent her some sleepwear. Not as curvy as my wife, the outfit hung down and looked somewhat funny and we all laughed.

We settled into our bedroom and Abby in her's. Soon my wife was asleep while I watched a reru...
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The Not So Quiet Evening

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It had been a very long week and I was looking forward to a relaxing, quiet evening at home. Little did I know that was not what I was going to get. I walked into the house to see my lovely wife standing there with a big grin on her face.

Good evening hunny, how was your day? I asked.

Not bad. She replied.

Where are the kids? I questioned.

They are not going to be home tonight.

My mind instantly went to thoughts of her wanting to go out to dinner, then maybe a movie. Great, there goes my quiet evening of relaxation. Then she pulled a blindfold out of her pocket and asked me to put it on. I have to admit I was a little surprised.

Now don't get me wrong, my wife is a very kinky person. We have explored many different positions and been to some strange places, but this was something new. I could tell by the look in her eyes as she handed me the blindfold that she had something up her sleeve.

I put on the...
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