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The Visitor, Finale

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 23 April 2018, 04:45 PM
Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Fetish, First Time, Interracial Sex, Reluctance, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Toys and Masturbation, One Night Stand   Tags: , , , , ,

The following morning I was up and out just as the sun was starting to peek out. The barrio was quiet except for the roosters. This time of year, the farmers didn't have to get up quite so early. I washed and tried to do something with my hair, something to disquise the stupid pixie haircut mama ko always gave me. It would make me look like a little girl forever, or worse, a little boy with my skinny little body. How I wanted long beautiful, luxurious hair like other Pinay!

Anyway time was important, and I couldn't waste any. I threw on a fresh flowery cotton panty, a pair of plaid shorts, and a simple spaghetti-strap top that I usually wore as an undergarment. I topped it off with a pair of yellow rubber flip-flops from the bargain bin at the market. There was no point in putting on any special clothes. For that matter, I didn't have any even if I wanted to. I was hoping what I had would be enough. My heart raced as I ran to the secret spot, the intersection of the two paths.

I waited and waited. It seemed like an hour but it was probably only of minutes. "He's not coming today", I thought.  I was disappointed. I felt like I could not live any longer without that guy's dick in my mouth. I shivered at how naughty (and sarap!) that thought was. Just then, I heard his running shoes hitting the dirt. I dropped to my knees in the center of the path and waited.

Soon he was before me! My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! 

"We have to stop meeting like this"  he said with a smile.

I looked up into his green eyes and returned the smile. We stood there looking at each other awkwardly for a second, then I noticed he was going to step around me and keep going, just like yesterday. I couldn't bear that again! Impulsively, I reached out and rested my hand on the bulge in his running shorts. And what a bulge it was!

He was startled for a second, but he didn't move. He looked confused whil...

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Kylie's secret

Submitted by DoctorVince via FSS on Monday, 23 April 2018, 03:41 PM
Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Mature, Romance   Tags: , , , ,

Kylie's Secret, or ang dalagang malandi. Pwe!  

Maganda ako, I always knew that. Kaya naman, marami akong manliligaw pero baliwala silang lahat sa akin, kasi naman I already like someone. Oh' wait, let me correct it, I love this so called someone.

Weird, nakakadiri, hindi tama, malamang iyon ang sasabihin ng iba pagnalaman nila kung sino ang gusto ko. Pero, wala eh, siya talaga. I want him, gustong-gusto ko siya. Even, with our big age gap and our difficult circumstance, i dearly love him. Aaminin ko, I have a deep hidden feelings with my Dad, at habang tumatagal lalong lumalala. 

Like now, hindi ko lubos maisip na darating na malilibugan na ako sa kaniya. His broad shoulders, and serious eyes, grabe sobrang masculine niyang tignan, lalo na pagnaka formal na damit siya, minsan nararamdaman ko nawe-wet ako habang nakakasabay ko siyang kumain, kahit nga lang magkukuwentuhan kami, ramdam ko nababasa na ako. 

Right now, inside my room, I am playing my clit, habang iniimagine kong kinakain ako ni Daddy. 'Yung malalaking kamay niya na nakahawak sa aking magkabilang hita habang binubukangkang niya ako at hinahalik-halikan. Grabe, halos mapatili ako sa sarap, isipin ko palang na humahagod ang bigote niya sa akin, grabeng kiliti na. Fuck! 

I am 18 and still virgin, but hindi naman ako innosente sa mga bagay na seksual. Madalas akong makapanuod ng porn kasama ang bff kong si Cassie, paborito ko 'yung mga Father and Daughter porn, or mga older guy at younger girl. Thankfully nakiki-ride naman ang bestie ko sa mga weird kong trip, kahit hindi ko sinasabi sa kaniya ang secret ko.

"God! Daddy, please!" Mahina kong daing while moving my hands around it. Ang sarap-sarap! Gusto paglauran niya ang kaloob-looban ko, gusto kong himurin niya ang pagkababae ko. I really want him to take my first! 

Few moments later nakaraos na ako, at ngayon ay tip-toe na nagtungo sa aking banyo wearing only...

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The Visitor, Part 3

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 23 April 2018, 01:32 PM
Categories: Erotic Couplings, Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Interracial Sex, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Toys and Masturbation   Tags: , , , , ,

That night, besides being horny,  my thoughts centered around how to get him to stop. I didn't want another embarrassing encounter like I had that morning. I didn't want to embarrass him either, or cause him to wonder what the heck I am doing in the field at first light in the morning. There had to be a way to be obvious. If I am subtle, he won't notice and it would be awkward. If I'm blatant, than it will still be awkward, but at least I have a chance of getting my goal... hmmm.

But what should that goal be?  I really didn't want to fuck the guy. I mean, I wouldn't want to break his family. And I was programmed by society that I am not supposed to give myself to anyone who is not going to be in my life forever. Old-fashioned, right? I don't apologize for that. It may be old and traditional, but I believed it. In many ways, I still do.  So... fucking the guy is out of the question. So then, what is it I'm after? What do I hope to achieve? I really must be going crazy.

Maybe I just want him to notice me. Maybe it's just attention from a handsome man?  Is that all?  I thought about it for a while and came to a conclusion. No, that isn't all.  That's just the start. I could have his attention all day and night, but I need something more. I want his body and I want to give him mine. Maybe not all of it, but I will gladly give him what I can right now. Above all, I want to make him happy. I want to blow his fucking mind, I want him to be so damn content that he never, ever forgets me.

Just then I remembered a conversation I overheard when I was little. I was playing under the house and my auntie was inside talking with one of her friends. I could hear them plainly, they were gossiping about a woman whose husband left her. A comment my auntie made stuck with me forever, and I recalled it now. She said the jilted woman should have "learned how to swallow because a man won't leave a girl who swallows".  I remember thinking about that....

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Young Guns

Submitted by Andrea.Silvia via FSS on Sunday, 22 April 2018, 07:55 PM
Categories: Erotic Couplings, Fetish, Mature   Tags: , ,

I get to learn about this site from a guy who added me up in a social media site.  He said he know of some people here and I may want to try.

And so here I am to share a piece of my thoughts/experience.

I am no longer young and my preference for a partner is limited to that of my age bracket or older guys.  I would turn down guys who are very much younger . My thought is that older men may be less prone to playing or be better in bed.

Until I met this guy who said he’s a member of this site. I told him i’m Way too old for him (more than 10 years age gap)  but still we chatted. Nothing erotic but just what we do. He was in Manila for Training and i told him I am working.  We shared pix also but no nudes. He looks so young in pix kaya I jested him na magpatubo sya ng beard before we meet. Baka naman kung magkasama kami i’ll be charged with corruption of minor. He obliged and from time to time sent me pix with his unshaven look.

Until it was time for him to go back to his province. I eventually agreed to meet him for  breakfast as his flight was in the afternoon

Nung unang kita ko sa kanya pumitlag ata puso ko and suddenly I wished he’d find me attractive. He’s not that tall, quite chubby at meron big smile. Pero ang weakness ko ay tall guys with big biceps/ broad shoulders/ and older than I am. Eto ako ngayon sitting across this guy whose smile was like sunshine finding him utterly attractive. 

We went out to go to a place of worship (lols) ayun naman agreement namin .  Saglit lang Kami and bought some pizza for takeout. Sabi nya magtaxi na lng kami papunta sa bus station pero pag sakay sa taxi yakap at pisil ang ginawa. Ang Lambot ko raw. Nag iinit na rin ako at pinigilan ko Lang sarili ko na halikan siya.  Madami pa sya sinasabi na nakakalibog pero sabi ko Huwag maingay at masyado interested si driver na panay  ang lingon sa amin.

We went to another place of worship- to w...

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Uling Girl

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Tuesday, 17 April 2018, 02:27 PM
Categories: Anal, Fetish, Taboo, Lesbian Sex, Sci-Fi and Fantasy   Tags: , , , ,

The man was in the back of his car, working on his laptop. Abruptly, the driver stopped for traffic. The man looked out the window and into the eyes of the girl. She was sitting on a pile of charcoal, making small pieces out of big ones with a large chopping knife. She was filthy, her clothes were little more than rags and what he could see of her skin was blackened with charcoal. The man noted her eyes, there was something there. Just then, the vehicle began moving and the man went back to his work.

The girl had a hard life. She was sold to her current owner many years ago as a small child. At first, she washed the owner’s clothes. The owner and his wife beat her until she learned how to do it to their satisfaction. At night, the owner fucked her, and not gently either. The owner’s wife pretended not to notice and then she would beat her the next day. But worse, lately they made her do the worst job, bagging charcoal for sale. And worse yet, the owner’s son had taken to fucking her. And when it couldn’t get worse, the owner’s son’s friends began fucking her too, especially after drinking. Sometimes they took turns, and sometimes 2 or 3 of them would do it to her at once, choosing which hole they wanted to be in and going at it. The girl obeyed and submitted to whatever they wanted from her, because inside she was almost dead. She no longer cared what happened to her.

The next morning the man returned. He bought the girl from the owner. The owner had grown tired of her and was happy to get some money in exchange. The girl followed the man and got into the black car when the driver motioned. The man sat up front with the driver, the girl sat alone in the back. She had no idea what was happening, but whatever it was, for now it was better than sitting on a pile of charcoal.

They arrived at a gate and the driver pushed a button. The gate opened, and they went inside. The girl had never seen anything like this before… it wa...

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