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Older Woman

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I never thought I could be really aroused by an older woman until I met Penelope. She was the mother of an old university friend who was taking care of her apartment while she went off to England. She came in to Montreal from out of town to visit before my friend went away, and Barbara invited me to dinner, as her mother and I had always enjoyed the few times we had chatted. Barbara and I had once been fairly serious but it never went anywhere. But when she moved to Montreal, we would occasionally go out or have dinner together. At that point, I was in my late thirties and fairly footloose and free, and enjoying being a bachelor in one of Canada's great cities.

As we talked, I thought about those university days, and one time when her mother asked me to put their garden furniture in the basement. She was dressed in a tight black turtleneck that showed off her very firm breasts very nicely, and she asked if she could "lend a hand" in that lovely lilting Engl...
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Intimate Neighbors (Part 2)

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As I reflected on the days events, one thing kept standing out. It was Deb. Thinking about how she looked sitting on the patio in her bikini and down at the shed, I had an erection in no time at all. Seeing some body lotion in the shower caddy, I wondered if I should take care of my urge then and there, or if I should just wait until I got home. 

Mmmm, I moaned as I began to rub the lotion onto my cock. 

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Intimate Neighbors

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As I made the right turn toward my childhood home, it was good to see the old neighborhood hadnt changed much, even if I had. My social life while I was away at college was quite different than the one I led as a senior in high school. I had been well-liked, but not popular and I certainly would never have been voted Homecoming King. When I left for college, I was just the nice, average kid that lived down the street. But I was hoping for a bit more fun this year, as my parents had gone to the beach house for the summer, leaving me a four-bedroom bachelor pad all to myself. 

Now, by no means did I become Brad Pitt during my tim...
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I Am An MILF (Part 2)

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I grabbed another drink from the bartender and was watching the dancing when Mike asked me to dance. I love to dance and when my husband saw me dancing he was on a break from his game and went to the DJ and gave him a list of my favorite songs. He came up to me while I was dancing with Mike and told me to have fun and keep dancing until he beat all these kids at poker then he was going to fuck my brains out like all of these young studs want to. I smiled and went back to my dance partner. The next song was my favorite My Sharona from the 70s. Its a fast song everybody knows and I love to dance to it. I am a flirt on the dance floor and with Mike I was no different. We were having a great time when the next song my husband requested came on. Controversy by Prince. Another fave when Im horny. With my husband on the floor with me I become a slut to this song. With Mike I tried to keep it clean but it was hard. Towards the end of the song, Mike whispered in my ear mom Id like to fuck. I di...
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I just had the most fantastic sex of my life and I have to tell someone. My name is Kelly I am 43 years old and have what my husband of 24 years call is a killer body. I try to keep myself in great condition. I am proud of my 34DD 23 35 figure. We have a very nice sex life thanks to my husbands imagination. He always wants me to do something different. I am usually too much of a spoiled sport in reality, but in my fantasy I love everything he suggests. We have four kids the youngest of which is a 19 year old college sophomore. He lives on campus about 10 miles away. Our house is pretty big with a lot of land and a very nice back yard for parties.

On the Saturday before Halloween our kids asked of they could have the house for a party. My husband and I have always enjoyed the costume parties and readily gave our permission. We got married when I was only 18 and had our kids very young. The kids all invited their friends and we were told to expect just fewer than 100 peopl...
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Girl Scout Cookies

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This is the time of year when the Girl Scouts have their cookie drive, and my wife had ordered some (as usual - she's always spending money on "worthy causes"). On Saturday, the wife and kids went into town to do some shopping and she said they'd be gone 'till after suppertime, so I was on my own for the whole day! It's VERY infrequent that I get a day to myself at home, and planned to use the quiet to back up my hard disk and do some general clean-up around the room that the computer is in. 

And so it went for about an hour, when I started off-loading some pictures. I didn't recognize the name of some of them, so spent a few moments perusing the pictures of the naked ladies in all their...
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I am a 41 year old male. Ive been married for 18 years and other than my wife I have only had sex with 2 other women. The first was my high school sweetheart and while we had sex often in high school we were not very good at it. I met my wife when I was a sophomore in college and once we started dating I never had sex with another woman again. In between my high school sweetheart and my wife there was a one night stand with a girl I never saw again.

My wife and I have an average sex life, I suppose. We probably average having sex once a week. More like once every 10 days, I would guess. Sex with her is always good but its never been mind blowing. We tend to do the same things the same way every time. I have always wanted more sexual adventure in my life but for some reason I have never been able to communicate that to my wife. We dont really talk about sex. She is not the type to want to discuss it much and when I try I usually end up hurting her feelings and makin...
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Me, The Milf Returns!!

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I just had to write and post what happened last Saturday night. Let me start by saying my name is Kelly. I am happily married to a wonderful man who until a few months ago I had been faithful to for our 24 year marriage. The night a few months ago happened during our college kids Halloween party. I had just fucked my husband silly and was wandering out side when I overheard some of my sons friends commenting that Dannys mom is a fine milf. At the time I did not know what a milf was. I found out soon enough as four of my sons college friends took me into our guest house and I fucked and sucked all of them for three hours, while my husband and son were in a poker game.

Since that night my sex life with my husband has increased dramatically, I cant seem to get enough of his fine cock. He has been asking me what happened to his wife who only wanted sex occasionally. I told him that with the kids gone I was always ready now and had no excuses for not wanting his cock. I...
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Helping Afer My Sisters Divorce

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First, I need to give you a little back ground on me and my sister Abby. Like any normal siblings we have gone back and forth between best of friends to mortal enemies at various times in our lives. I am married and she has recently divorced. We are both in our forties. She is 4 years older than me and when we were kids we did the whole show me yours and Ill show you mine thing, but it never went any further than that. She and her husband divorced after being married for 25 years. They have had problems for the last 5 years, but stayed together for the kids. They put their house on the market and they finally closed a couple of weeks ago. She found herself an apartment and needed some help moving so I volunteered my wife and I to help.

We started early Saturday morning getting everything loaded up (thankfully she already had her stuff boxed up) and headed over to her new place. My wife hung in until around 4:00 and she wussed out and headed home. I stayed and started setting u...
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Up at the crack of Dawn

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Don’t know why, but for some reason I’ve been thinking alot about Dawn. You see, Dawn was my first time and only time with an older woman. This story happened several years ago.

We were friends, liked the same bands, and flirted a bit online, but I didn’t think it would lead to anything. We were just good friends, living several states apart, she was in her mid-50s and single and I was in my early 30s and in an on-and-off long-distance relationship.

However she was coming to my state to visit some other friends and asked if we could get together for a day or two before she saw her friends so we could catch a baseball game together and hang out. I said yes.

I met her at the train station and she came off the train looking great with her black hair hanging around her shoulders, her hazel eyes glistening, tight t-shirt that made her 38Cs look great and tight jeans that showed off her figure. She looked like she was in her late...
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