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After The Wedding (Part 2)

Submitted by webmaster on Sunday, 19 January 2014, 12:00 AM
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After The Wedding (Part 2)Mike got back up and made his way to the side opposite Jack and I watched as he reached out and grabbed the hem of Kathis dress in front and back and began to pull it slowly up. As her breasts came into view with Jacks hands squeezing them through her bra, both Pete and Mike made appreciative low whistles and as Jack tilted his head away from his nibbling, Mike pulled her dress completely off over her head. Jack went back to nuzzling Kathi's neck and Pete continued rocking his leg as Kathi slowly ground against it. With Kathi's head tilted back as Jack chewed on her neck, Mike walked over and brought his mouth to hers and I was pleased to see her respond eagerly to his probing tongue. I watched as his hand slid up her back to the hooks of her bra and smiled as he struggled to unhook all 4 hooks, but after a bit, he managed to get the last one. Once that was done he pulled the strap on his side off her shoulder and Jack must have felt the difference in the feel of her bra as the elastic was no longer tight as he wasted no time in pulling it off of her exposing her erect nipples to his waiting fingers.

It was a hell of a turn on watching these three young men undressing and making out with my wife and I found my cock to be straining in my pants. It was then that I noticed Jeff and Lynn had stopped dancing and were standing there watching the guys and my wife. Lynn was standing in front of Jeff leaning back against him as he wrapped his arms around her. I was a little concerned they would be upset, but it seemed they also were enjoying the show.

I turned my head back to watch just as my wife let out a low moan. Pete was not holding her hips as she was no longer riding his leg but instead was standing more upright kissing Mike with Jack now sucking on her right breast and squeezing her left, with Mike's left hand rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose. She also had her hand rubbing Pete's crotch through his pants. Pete leaned forward and grabbed her hips again only this time instead of pulling her toward him; he began to tug down on her pantyhose. I watched in awe as she began to wiggle her hips as they slowly came down and in no time she was completely naked for everyone in the room to see. Mike now had nothing between his hand and her pussy and proceeded to slide at least one finger into her making her moan into his mouth even more. She had one hand rubbing the front of Mike's pants and the other Jack's and it looked as if she were trying to unzip both at the same time.

After The Wedding

Submitted by webmaster on Saturday, 18 January 2014, 12:00 AM
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After The WeddingI had a hectic Saturday night with all my shows out and I was short an assistant DJ for my show. I had a wedding to do in Rockford and it was going to be a big group and an assistant was really important. Fortunately, my wife had the night free so we drove down to the hotel and set up. The show was a huge success and the bride and groom had a great group of guests. All through the night we interacted with the guests and the bridal party, even accepting requests to dance. By the end of the night we had had as much fun as the guests did!

As we were tearing down our equipment after the last dance, the bride and groom were saying their goodbyes to the last of the family. Once we were done, we went over to them to wish them good luck and say good night. Jeff and Lynn (the groom and bride) were there with three of the groomsmen. They asked if we would care to join them in a little relaxation so they could wind down before trying to sleep. We had so much fun throughout the night; we accepted and followed them to their suite. The groomsmen were Pete, Jack and Mike and we remembered them as all being pretty good guys.

Jeff and Lynn had a beautiful suite with a sofa, two chairs and a huge king sized bed. There was a small stocked bar and refrigerator, and a nice entertainment system. Jeff went to the bar and started taking orders and Lynn turned on the stereo and put on a CD. We were all talking about the fun we had at the reception and Lynn complained that she did not get to dance very much since everyone kept talking to her all night. Jeff told Mike to dance with her while he made the drinks and Pete asked my wife if she would like to dance. She said sure and left me on the sofa to relax. I had been on my feet for the last 7 hours and it felt good to kick back. One of the nice things about being an assistant, Kathi (my wife) had the opportunity to sit down several times during the evening so her legs and feet were not tired yet.

My First Time To Cheat On My Husband

Submitted by webmaster on Friday, 17 January 2014, 05:23 PM
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My First Time To Cheat On My HusbandMy First Time To Cheat My husband played softball and I would go to the games. This guy who use to play on my husbands team would come to our games and sit with me. I always watched from the truck and sit on the tail gate. Most of the games was at night after it cooled off. My husband couldn't see us from the field. I would usually carry me wine to drink that my husband didn't know about.

The guy Max at first talk ball. I was young and dumb and had no idea he was wanting more than company while watching the games. I did enjoy his attention but in a friendly way. My Sept it had cooled some in the evening and softball was about over. My husbands team had an 8PM game the winner of it played the winner of the next game. My husbands team ended up winning. Some of the wifes didn't want to stay for the last game, me being one of them. Max offered to take us home. It was over a 50 mile trip home. As we was getting our stuff ready to leave one of the Guys on the losing team and his wife offered to take us back. All but me got in their car. There wasn't room for me so Max ended up taking me back.The last game wouldn't be over with until about 12:30 Am

HotMindy18's Live Cam Profile

Submitted by webmaster on Wednesday, 8 January 2014, 03:12 AM
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HotMindy18's Live Cam ProfileModel Name: HotMindy18


I'm young and cute, I love to have fun with my guys please dont forget to rate me :) mueahh

Turn Ons:
vibrators and coming off

Turn Offs:
smoking, rude

Tattoo(s), High Heels, Shaved, Stockings/Nylons, Hairy, Anal, Toys, Real Orgasm, Striptease, Close-up/Zoom, Oil, White Panties, Uniforms, Talk Dirty

Age: 21, Build: Average, Height: 5' to 5'4", Weight: 100 to 115 lbs, Eye Color: Brown, Hair Color: Black, Hair Length: Long, Sexual Preference: Bi Sexual

Intimate Neighbors (Part 2)

Submitted by webmaster on Tuesday, 10 December 2013, 12:00 AM
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Intimate Neighbors (Part 2)As I reflected on the day’s events, one thing kept standing out. It was Deb. Thinking about how she looked sitting on the patio in her bikini and down at the shed, I had an erection in no time at all. Seeing some body lotion in the shower caddy, I wondered if I should take care of my urge then and there, or if I should just wait until I got home. 

“Mmmm,” I moaned as I began to rub the lotion onto my cock. 

I guess the decision had been made as there was no going back now. With the hot water massaging my back, I began to slowly stroke myself. I pictured Deb in all of her mature glory, tiny bits of yellow fabric straining to reign in her tanned breasts and keep her pussy hidden from view. 

As the mental images began to do their work, I pumped myself faster and faster. Before long, I could feel that wonderful sensation deep inside me as my shaft started to swell in my hand. Turning to face the glass, I worked myself until I reached the breaking point. Two steams of cum exploded from me and splashed onto the glass, slowly running down the wall as it mixed with the water. I came so hard I had to grab on to the towel rack in the shower to keep from losing my balance. Regaining my senses and finding my washcloth, I quickly wiped down the glass door and rinsed any evidence of my indiscretion down the drain. 

As I wrapped the towel around me and opened the shower door, I was stunned to see Deb standing in the doorway with that same sly grin she greeted me with a few days ago. 

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